How to Write a Web Developer Resume

People working in the IT industry know that samples and examples are everything. But before you get to show your samples, and what you can do, you need a good resume or a Linkedin profile to get noticed. Your resume what you have done and what you can do will get the attention of a potential employer. But he will want to see your work as live websites, blog posts, presentations, code snippets, or screenshots. That being said, there are few things you have to include in your resume so that you stand out. So, how to write a web developer resume that will land you at least an interview, and quite possibly, a job in the IT industry?

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Useful Tips for Writing a Web Developer Resume

Add Links in Your Resume

Nowadays, almost every other person you know wants to work in the IT industry or works in the IT industry. Because of that, employers get hundreds if not thousands of resume. So, to select the bad from the good, an employer spends 10 seconds scanning your resume for any notable past positions and links. If you have links to your pass projects, add them to the resume. The potential employer will notice them first. Without impressive past positions and links to show your work, your resume will most probably gets archived. If you do not have any pass projects, try some pro bono work just so that you get some experience.

Include your Social Media accounts

Another sign potential employers in the IT business look for is social media presence. Your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram accounts will be definitely reviewed, as the potential employer looks whether you are good fit for the company. This applies for cultural fit, which is whether your beliefs and behaviors are in line with the one of the employer.

Back up your resume with numbers as well

In every industry, everything revolves around numbers. In the web development industry, that translates to user clicks, hacker attacks, and similar. For example, make sure to include numbers as increased user clicks, increased customer purchases and similar. Example, you’ve developed a user friendly website, and because of your design, customer purchases have increased by 15%. In the end, your employer wants to know whether you are thinking about profit or not. And never underestimate security, if your website has minimized hacker attacks, your employer will certainly appreciate that.

Use Resume Templates

We are living in a world where almost everything is available on the internet. And that includes resume templates as well. Using a resume template means that you are using something that has already worked for someone. Now, you have to adjust the template to fit your needs and your character. But the basic aspect of the resume is available. You will have to spend some time browsing for the right resume template, but it is much better than trying to solve “what has to be in a resume template” on your own.

List your skills upfront

There are two things a potential employer searches in a web developer resume. The first one is skills, and the second one is links do past projects. On the very beginning of the resume, list all your skills, including HTML, JavaScript, XML, Ajax, and so on. Listing them on the beginning means the employer will notice them while he has still high level of concentration. The fact of the matter is that as the employer scrolls down your resume, his concentration goes down as well.

Use Highlights at the end

At the very end of your resume, make sure to use a highlights section to summarize all your skills and experience. List your skills in one paragraph, and then your projects in another. It might look like you are repeating, but it gives you more chance that your employer notices the skills and projects that will land you the interview.


Nowadays, employers know how to read and go through resumes in a matter of seconds. They won’t waste time reading through hundreds of letters with hours. They have developed a way of accurately accessing candidates with a quick review of their portfolio and resume. Your goal is to write a resume that has all the selling points, and none red flag.

The only way to do that is to demonstrate your experience up-front.

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