How to Write Waitress Resume

Nowadays, people think that all you need to become a waiter is a will and desire to work in the industry. But you cannot be more wrong. That is the reason why we have waitresses that have absolutely no idea what is their job description. How many times have you met an impolite waitress? Well, the reason why she was hired is because the hiring manager does not understand the challenges of the job, and he thinks everyone can work it. Sadly, that is true for some bars and restaurants. But most professional restaurants want professional waitresses, and your waitress resume is their first contact with you. Make sure your resume shines.

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How to Write Waitress Resume ?

Emphasize your personality

They might say a good face will get you a job, but a good personality will help you keep it. Working in the food service industry is all about being charismatic, polite, and with a positive attitude. Nobody wants an irritating waitress that looks like she is in PMS every single day. Emphasize your positive personality in the beginning of the resume. In addition to emphasizing your charisma, make sure to include an example of being skilled at conflict resolution. There will be conflicts between the front end and the backend of the restaurant on a daily basis. Waitresses fall into front end, while chefs are the back end.

Emphasize your sales skills

In order to work as a waitress, one must know all food ingredients, all drinks, and possess an ability to recommend wine and alcohol. At the end of the day, most people coming to a restaurant have no idea what they want to eat or drink. It is the job of the waitress to help them find out. Your resume should reflect your knowledge of food and beverage. Being a good salesman is all about knowing your product inside out, and being able to sell the good parts of the product. Restaurants want waitresses that can sell the food and beverage.

Highlights your language skills

If you know any foreign languages, make sure to highlight that in your resume. You might meet people from all around the world in the restaurant. Not all of them know English. Some understand only French, or Italian, or Spanish. Being able to speak more than English puts you in a more desirable situation as a waitress.

What about the career objective

Writing a good career objective will put you on the top of the desirable candidates. But many people get it wrong. The career objective should relate what you can do for the company, not what you want from the job. There are four main principles you need to show in the career objective. Those are years of experience, earned titles and certificates, knowledge of the business, and position you want to fill. The career objective should be short, but should be effective and powerful.

Play with numbers

A job in the food service industry requires keen knowledge of numbers, memorizing them, calculating, and playing with numbers. Adding numbers to your job can help the hiring manager grasp the scope of your previous responsibilities. For example, always mention the number of seats a restaurant had. Working in a restaurant with 50 seats is quite different than working in a restaurant with 150 seats. For example, write something like “Present menus and answer questions about items in the menu, as well as making recommendations upon request in a 50+ seat restaurant”. This will allow the hiring manager to grasp your responsibilities in the previous job. And if you can do a better research, and include numbers that show you increased sales average by a certain percent, you’ll get even more consideration. For example “memorized wine stock and meals they accompany, which led to increase in wine sales by 20%”.

Do not underestimate the power of action words

Every industry has its specific set of action words. For the food service industry, here are some words that show you understand what your responsibilities are: write, prepare, introduce, train, execute, memorize, assist, present, allocate, serve, arrange, and package.

Use resume templates

One thing you need to understand is that every industry has its specific needs. Because of that, a resume for the food service industry is quite different than a resume for the sales industry. They have some similarities, but in general, they are different. That is why resume templates help a lot. These templates are made by people already working in the industry, and they understand what is required out of you. Of course, you cannot use the same template. You need to personalize and adjust to the job and your character.

When you are writing a resume for a waitress job it is important to highlight the skills that match the job requirements. In your resume, include past job experience, but list only the relevant one. You do not want to come out too strong and arrogant. The resume of a waitress should reflect a charismatic person, not an uptight one.

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