How to Write a Technical Project Manager Resume

There are two types of project manager roles; technical and non-technical. Being a technical project manager is arguably more demanding than a non-technical one. You are required to not only own and manage projects but also have the technical skills to boot.

When writing a technical project manager resume, we are going to focus on not only our project management skills but also our technical skills. Throughout the following article, I will give you some top tips to ensure you have the right balance of both and that you land your dream job.

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How to write a Technical Project Manager Resume ?

Gauge the job

Is the employer looking for someone more technical or someone more project management focused? You need to be able to gauge what they are looking for based on the job description.

When you see phrases like:

You know the employer is looking for someone more technical and as such you should tailor your resume to match, focus more on your technical achievements, still include projects that you have managed but ensure to include technical details, for example:

"I'm an IT consultant with 10 years' experience working in the IT Field, after building up my technical knowledge and earning various Microsoft qualifications I've now turned my hand to project management, over the last couple of years I've managed massive infrastructure upgrades for FTSE 500 companies"

On the other hand, if you see phrases like

Note the subtle difference, they are still looking for a Technical project manager, in this case they are more interested in project management ability than technical, although they are still looking for some technical experience. Here's an example of what you might put in your resume,

"I'm an experienced Technical Project Manager, I've worked on numerous large $1,000,000 + projects for FTSE 500 companies, I've often drawn upon my leadership skills to ensure deadlines are met, when required I can also fall back on my extensive technical expertise to ensure a project is going in the right direction. I'm certainly not afraid to put the groundwork in on the technical side."

There is a very slight difference between these two statement, in the first one we are focusing more on specifics and technical qualifications held, in the second one project management comes first but it's still clear we have a good technical background.

Build to an end

One way of standing out on a resume is to build yourself up slowly towards the end goal (i.e being the perfect candidate for the job. What are you talking about? I know… but let me give you some examples;

Job 1

"Here I worked in IT Support, my core focus was on solving technical issues, after a period of a year I started getting involved in some smaller technical projects"

Job 2

"my role here was split between project management and technical consultation, over the course of 3 years I managed and assisted on over 20 installation and migration projects, requiring both technical and management skills"

Job 3

"as a Technical Project Manager I was solely responsible for managing project teams of up to 10 technical staff, I've been able to apply my technical and management skills to ensure all projects have been delivered on time"

So, what's the point of all of this? Project Management is a complex job, it's not something that you learn overnight, what we've done is carefully shown how we have acquired each skill required to be a successful project manager, this also shows we are interested in progressing over time. I guarantee you any prospective employer will read over this and pick up on each skill in the jobs as you build them up, this is almost a sure-fire way to get to interview stage.

Use a resume template

Want your resume to catch the eye of the person who must read through the hundreds of applications submitted to the job you've applied for? Make sure it visually stands out, most people are judging your resume long before they actually start reading the content.

The best way to make your resume stand out visually is to use a resume template. Think about it now, if you are the employer and there are 100 resumes sitting in front of you, the quickest way to whittle them down is just to toss the ones that look bad.

Hopefully you've picked up from this article the importance of gauging what the employer is, the benefits of building up to a job and that you should always use a resume template to ensure you stand out. With all of these tips we are sure you will get the job, good luck!

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