How to Write a Software Tester Resume

The first step to finding your dream job or employer as a software tester is getting your resume spot on. Writing a software tester resume that quickly and easily communicates why you're better than other potential employees is critical, your resume needs to be a real eye-catcher.

As a software tester, you have 3 basic selling points that you need to get across to any potential employer, education, certification and experience. You'll need to tie all these together in a precise and conscience way.

You'll want to show off a variety of technical skills as well as all the soft skills that go with being a successful software tester, communication, attention to detail, quality of written English and more.

Keep reading to find out all of our top software tester resume tips.

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How to Write a Software Tester Resume

NO mistakes

Sometimes you can get away with a typo here or there (although you really shouldn't be aiming for this) however, this is not true when it comes to software testing resumes.

In a job where you are expected to test and document things to the nth degree sloppiness is not a desirable trait, get your resume spot on or it will be binned.

If you aren't sure about the quality of your resume ask a few friends and family to give it a proof read, people are normally happy to help!

Technical Skills

This isn't the case in with all resumes but when it comes to software testers you can get away with putting a simple list of your technical skills at the top of a resume. This very quickly lets an employer know if you have the base technical skills that they require.

On this train of thought make sure that you tailor your skills to each job that you apply for, if an employer says they run a pure Microsoft House using .NET, MS SQL and IIS then focus on this. I would also recommend mentioning a couple of other languages you are good at, don't focus on them but it lets the employer know you are a well-rounded hire.

Make sure you let the employer know if you have experience or certifications in Agile or Scrum, most will be looking for at least one of these, for higher level jobs it's even worth taking some training and a certification test before applying for jobs.

Relevant Experience

Employers love to hear about your experience and how it's going to benefit them. Notice that last bit? How it's going to benefit them. If you are applying for a Software house that churns out new small applications for new clients all the time, they probably aren't so interested in that you spent the last 3 years working as a QA for Microsoft. You are talking about what might as well be two completely different jobs.

If you only have the experience as a QA at Microsoft to fall back on make sure you explain how this could benefit a smaller company with faster product turn-arounds. Maybe you could talk about how you were part of a smaller term that worked in a specific product.

Success and Achievements

Narrow in on specific successes and achievement's that you have had while software testing. The more specific you can be the better, vagueness Is your enemy. The vaguer you are the more it will seem like you are stretching the truth.

For example: "During my time at Microsoft I led the team running performance testing on the core word processing feature of Microsoft Word. I was responsible for agreeing the functional test cases we used, I discovered and reported bugs in a timely manner"

This is everything an employer is looking for. You've mentioned specific products as well as specifically what you did, this all helps this statement to look more genuine. Remember though, don't lie here, this is very easily fact checkable statement (that's part of what makes it seem genuine) but if someone does check the fact and it's wrong then you'll be out on the street.

Use a resume template

Don't just bash something out in word and send it out, carefully select a professional resume template. Software Testing / QA tends to be a very professional job, employers won't be looking for something too quirky or over the top. Keep it simple. Keep it professional.

So, in conclusion, keep your Software Tester resume accurate, there is no room for mistakes, make sure you mention technical and soft skills, be specific. Follow this advice and you'll be interviewing for jobs in no time. Good luck!

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