How to Write a Sales Resume

A sales person is a natural at increasing profits by selling services or products for a company. After years of successful selling of diverse products you're expected to have a powerful sales resume. To sell is probably what you love and the resume you come up with should show sales abilities, knowledge, skills and confidence. To transform a dull sales resume into an effective sales job magnet the employer or recruiter will love, incorporate the following.

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How to Write a Sales Resume

Best achievements first

Perhaps you already have lots of accomplishments in your sales career. Find the best that corresponds with the job being applied for. Include them in the introduction of the resume. 4-5 results should be enough prominently added in a place where none of them will be missed. The strategy here is allowing the employer to see success in your profession before reading other sections of the resume. It's all about making a memorable impression and nothing beats that than sales achievements. If you're changing industries highlighting sales achievements first is perfect. It helps the potential employer to know all along you're capable of handling the task and bringing the change they need.

Impactful sales pitch

Once you're sure of the industry, find high-impact sales keywords and use them in your profile. It's where your enthusiasm, oomph and drive are laid out clearly. They're critical in sales and allow the reader of the sales resume to be drawn to you immediately.

Action-packed professional experience

At the section where you must show your professional section tout your sales record. If you've worked for different employers indicate so and briefly point out the responsibilities and position. This can be supervisory duties, budget, among others. Quantify the achievements and use bullet list to make them meaningful to the stranger reading the resume. It's not just about stating the result of your work but describing the way the excellent results were accomplished. A good example is "conceptualized the sales department afresh and generated $5 million in consulting and tools revenue in six months" or "achieved 5,000 reference client bases of ten industrial plastic mould customers dissatisfied with customer experience previously".

To think about accomplishments and achievements and what to add in the sales resume think about:

Your details

Obviously, your personal information will appear on the resume. However, the emphasis here is allowing the recruiter or employer to find the information fast and easily. Apart from your address, add more than one way of contacting you. One contact could deny you a job if for any reason the recruiter isn’t able to use it or it becomes unusable for any reason. Together with the home phone number, include your cell phone number, email, social media handles such as Twitter and Skype profile, among others.

Work experience relevant to the job

If you've worked in tens of companies in the last couple of years it might send the wrong picture of a problematic employee. Avoid adding all the positions held before as they might show a trend a potential employer will not like. Highlight your work experience relevant clearly qualifying you to the position being applied for. Only include those sales jobs most relevant to the industry and position that’s open. Where the time-frame in the resume shows some gaps prepare well to address them if you make it to the interview.

Why should you be hired?

Expect that as the recruiter or potential employer is reading the sales resume he/she will be asking themselves why they should hire you. Address the "why" and help the employer to make up their mind quickly about you. Help as much as you can. Indicate your skills, education, sales awards, life experiences, accomplishments and any other specific information relevant to the position. While it's most important to include the number of sales awards gained, sales seminars of repute attended, sales book authored, business and sales courses taken in college among others, avoid going overboard.

Sales resume template

Rather than creating a sales resume from nothing use a sales resume template with all the necessary categories and sections needed to make an outstanding sales resume. It'll help you put your achievements, education, personal information and contact, keywords to be used, among others in perspective to help the reader make up their mind about you fast.

Read through

Find another person to edit and revise the sales resume where possible. You can also read through yourself, changing and removing things that could work against you. Whether you do it yourself or use a friend, professional editor or a family member, the grammar and spelling errors shouldn’t make it into the resume.

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