How to Write Retail Resume

There are plenty of sales and retail jobs on the market nowadays. Being a good salesman will make sure you stay employed at all times. However, a retail job will never be handed to you. You might be a good salesman, but are you a good wordsmith? Because that is what is required of you. In order to land a good retail job, you need a resume that will reflect your skills, experience, and talent you can bring to a company. If the retail resume does not catch the attention of the hiring manager, you will not get the job, no matter how good salesman you are.

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How to Write Retail Resume

What to include in the resume?

Most people fail at the basic part of the retail resume. And that is what to include in a retail resume. How you craft and construct your resume mostly depends on the job you are applying for. That means different job industry requires different skills, education, and so on. But the general template is basically close. The elements you must include in your resume are contact info, resume summary statement, accomplishments, work experience, skills, and education.

Choose the right style

There are two styles for writing a resume. The chronological and the functional style. The former is used when you want to present a date-ordered list of previous jobs. You begin with the most recent one, and go for there. The chronological style works best if you have no employment gap and you are following a traditional career path. If you are considering a career change and you have difficulty to explain the employment gaps, use the functional style. In the chronological style, you do not need the accomplishments part in the resume. For the functional style, the accomplishment section is the more important. There, you can focus on skills and accomplishments that are transferable to any industry.

Use numbers to quantify your achievements

In the retail industry, quantifying goals are everything. The bread and butter of the retail resume is quantifying the goals and accomplishments. The industry has a specific and unique transactional nature. That means you can include numerical quantification easily. You need to state how much money was managed, earned, saved, or invested. This will show your financial impact on a company. The more money you managed, the better.

Use industry terminology

In addition to using numbers to the resume, you need to use industry terminology. It all comes back down to the unique nature of the retail industry. Words like stock, replenish, organize, inventory, accuracy, efficiency, they are the words potential employers want to read.

Emphasize your sales skills

At the end of the day, a successful retail worker is the one who can sell more stuff. Your education and work experience and history will not matter if you do not have the right skill set for a retail job. Companies in the retail business like to hire individuals with a broad skill set. This is a safe investment, as they can use the employee in different ways. Some of the skills that a hiring manager in the retail business looks for are: customer service, product knowledge, sales, merchandizing, basic math skills, and language ability (preferably Spanish or Chinese).

Use action verbs

Action verbs are like keywords. They keep the flow of your resume, and keep the hiring manager interested. Some of the action words related to the retail industry are arrange, assist, build, educate, sell, calculate, stock, recommend, upsell, organize, coordinate, replenish, label, and merchandize.

Use resume templates

This is probably the most important aspect of writing a good resume. You cannot use one template for every job you apply to. But you can use a resume template to help you craft a nice resume. The resume for the retail industry is unique, and you cannot use another industry-specific resume. With that in mind, there are many retail-specific templates that you can adjust to fit your personal style and character.


Hiring managers in the retail business and industry are quite adept at selecting the best candidates. They can easily select the few built for the job by the resume only. As mentioned at the beginning, you might be a good salesman. But you won’t get a chance to show your sales skills unless you get an interview first. And in order to get an interview, you need a good resume. Hopefully, the tips and templates will help write a great and attractive resume.

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