How to Write a Receptionist Resume

As a receptionist you'd like to end up with a financially rewarding receptionist job and a fulfilling one while at it. As the individual who's first visible in the office, you'll be the individual giving the first impression and physical outlook of the company or business. Not just in person but you also need to make a great impression in a receptionist resume if you intend to get ahead of other applicants in the same job. Right from the beginning, you must begin indicating company etiquette and ability to be organized even in your resume to standout. Here are a number of tips to help you organize your receptionist resume better and remove all doubts about your abilities as a receptionist.

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How to Write a Receptionist Resume?

Communication is key

As you already know written and verbal communication is the strength of any reception. These skills need to be very clear right from the start, including listening abilities. As you highlight communication abilities, a critical skill in your receptionist resume, you'll definitely give the recruiter every reason to slot you for an interview. You also need to ensure you've not left out all your successes in customer service and experience in office support duties. The resume should demonstrate ability to answer company visitors and phone inquiries in a professional yet polite manner.

Multitasking comes with the territory

Every receptionist has no choice but multitask in more ways than one. It comes with the job outright. Everyone can see you juggling between a computer before you with call inquiries, talking face to face with visitors, employees and other inquirers while doing your expected clerical duties. In the receptionist resume, these diverse talks need to be well noted as well as all situations regularly handled in an efficient yet polite and calm manner. Demonstrate in the resume your abilities and skills to multitask, juggling all types of tasks and how you prioritize tasks of the highest importance.

Ability to prioritize

With the juggling and utter complex job of handing people and equipment as a receptionist, the ability to prioritize is very important. Receptions always have all manner of duties to handle with diverse requests that come in almost at the same time. It's a job that calls for calmness in utter confusion at times. In the receptionist resume, ensure how you were able to prioritize in such times is well captured and how you sorted between urgent matters and others. No employer wants a receptionist easy to agitate.

Organization is a demand of the job

With a well done receptionist resume you can right away show the potential employer how organized you really are. Of course a receptionist resume template can help you get the format to use, the sections to indicate and critical details not to leave out.

A superb receptionist who'll always get invited for interviews should have no problem finding files, contacts and phone numbers as fast as possible while ensuring her work area is as tidy as ever. The resume should show filing experience and skills, implemented filing system if any to make your work a success or how your key contact organization shows how you understand and respect your job. It shows you have all you need at your fingertips and provided it whenever requested. The receptionist resume should show ability to organize by indicating skills in documents, correspondence, file organization and handling with a level of confidentiality.

Don't leave out technical skills

Receptionists definitely have technical skills to show. If you handle printer, copiers, phone systems, scanners, and shredders among others these are technical abilities that should be indicated in the resume. Computer skills shouldn't be forgotten, such as word processing, Excel comprehension, database software, use of certain software like accounting tools among others. Have these listed to give you the edge you need over other applicants.

Include interpersonal skills

As the front office of the company and perhaps the person who talks with everyone in the company it behooves you to have unique interpersonal skills. Office politics will always be there and protection of your reputation will in more than one occasion be required including that of the company. You must show your ability to rise above these small matters and how your interpersonal skills helped you maintain great relationships with coworkers across the entire company, including top executives.

In a nutshell, a receptionist resume should highlight skills and responsibilities that make a great receptionist from office management, front desk reception, computer and technical abilities and administrative support.

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