How to Write a Public Relations Resume

When seeking for a job as a public relations manager, a well- written resume is certainly the key if you are to land an interview and subsequently the position. Well, your Public relations career may be filled with accomplishments, but you need to figure out how to sell those achievements to the employers. You need to monitor the response of your resume and keep modifying it until it generates job interviews. Here are the tips you need to consider while drafting the public relations resume.

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How to Write a Public Relations Resume?

Come up with an executive summary which shows your attributes and qualifications as a public relations manager

Before writing the executive summary, you need to come up with a personal statement or a branding statement which shows the main qualities that make you the right person for the Public Relations manager job. A personal statement can be developed from the accomplishments that you have achieved, or it can be obtained from reviews from friends or employees that you have interacted with as a Public relations manager.

When writing the summary, it should begin with personal branding statement and show some qualities that will prove that you are an expert in requirements that the current employer is seeking. The summary should indicate your achievement as public relation manager (boss) not as a team member.

Here is an example of the summary of a public relations resume:

"Ambitious and driven public relations strategist with extensive experience directing PR campaigns both in in-house and agency settings. Proven accomplishment in developing, implementing and managing strategies as well as managing results across digital channels and traditional media. Bring to table a powerful network of global media contacts".

Develop a resume that meets the employer’s needs.

After coming up with your branding statement and the executive summary, you need to develop a resume that shows you will deliver what is required by the employer. Your skills, achievements, experience, and area of expertise should be outlined or written in a way that you show the answer to what the employer is searching.

You should not write your public relation resume in general but be specific to what is needed. Perhaps you should consider looking for the job advert and know the skills and experience that are necessary to be able to tailor your resume.

Outline the skills (expertise) that make you qualify for the Public relations position

You need to identify the skills that are required for this job and show that you possess them. Organize the skills based on the management function in the public relation career. Then list all the competencies in a summarized manner.

Showcase your accomplishments

You need to show the accomplishments that you have achieved in the Public relations manager career. The accomplishments should be displayed in your public relations resume to show the employer how importance you can be and that you will bring those achievements to the company.

Examples of achievements

Show your professional experience

You need to highlight all the past working experiences that you have gained in the past that are related to the public relations manager position. When outlining the work experience, you need to show the name of the company you have worked for in the past, description of the business, the date you worked there, the scope of your job and the results you achieved.

Example :

ADC Company- sometown NJ

Public Relations Manager, 8/2015 to present


Consider your education achievement

You need to indicate the latest training or continuing education. State the school, the town, and the courses undertaken.

Use Resume templates

Resume Templates are useful in guiding on how to structure the resume as well as showing important details that you may have omitted on your resume. However, while looking for resume templates, ensure that you use templates for the public relation manager position. It is important to compare different templates also before drafting your resume.


Every resume has important things that need to be considered, before drafting a public relations resume, it is important to search for guiding templates and compare their details and structure. It is also useful to consider the tips that have been discussed in this article.

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