How Project Manager Should Write Resume

A project manager generally works in diverse industries and professional areas. While the term might describe a broad area of occupations, their responsibilities are similar across the board. These include product or establishment management, firing, hiring, training and managing, management of product release timelines, distribution, projections and analyses of budgetary items and harmonisation of diverse complex project areas among others. To come up with an effective project manager resume, here are a number of tips.

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How Project Manager Should Write Resume

Contact details

While it's obvious contact details are a must, doing it wrongly will take lots of space and dull the shine of your excellent skills. Ensure the contact information is easy to see and find; it should dominate the 1-2 pages of the resume. Include your name, current phone number and email address (professional email).

Career objective

The career objective in a project manager is very critical and any good resume should have a strong one. Note the potential employer or the recruiter will take a quick peek at the career objective section to see how you fit with what they're looking for. It's possible the potential employer already has a checklist of what they want and will be looking for quick fits from your project manager resume.

In the career objective immediately let the hiring manager know your current position in order of relevancy to the job being applied, depth and length of acquired expertise, significance of previous or current projects managed and rapid indication of your competency. Also show ability to manage a significant workforce if indeed if you've done it, extra skills acquired to make you a superb project manager, the roll you intend to fill if hired and an indication of acquired academic credentials and other skills such as computing/software skills.

All these should be incorporated in a mere career objective or resume summary. In case you're changing career, looking for a position in a new niche or a fresh graduate, stick to a resume objective.

Professional experience

Any project manager knows their career is all about achievements. It means the project manager resume must reflect your professional and work related achievements as expected. In other words, it must be clear you helped gain additional customers, transformed a stagnant project, and ensured timely release of products, worked within budget limits among other things. Such experience is expected of a project manager and makes their resume really strong. Quantify these achievements, such as indicating the budget managed, percentage cost reduction, revenue increase percentages, number of employees managed etc.

Extra skills

Additional skills are critical and need to be relevant to the job being applied. Of course, a project manager doesn't have to know contortionism to apply for a project manager position in a software company. It all depends on the projects a person will be handling and has experience in, such as food, construction or software management responsibilities. Think through and note the acquired specialised skills.

Resume format

The project manager work is largely about making small and easily accomplished tasks from the big picture; the project manager resume should make this very clear. Choose a reverse-chronological format to zero in on your experience, strength, skills and generally the industry you currently are in. With the hiring manager taking six seconds only to read your resume, ensures white spaces, fonts and headings are legible, clear and eye-friendly.

Make it easy for the reader to find information without being lost by font and display complications. In fact, once you're through save the information in PDF form to ensure the details you've enhanced to help the reader of the project manager resume remain intact and unchanged. PDFs are great, but not all employers or recruiters allow them. Check to ensure the position you're applying for doesn't reject PDFs.

All about getting a job done

In simple words, the project manager resume is all about determining the individual applying for the position has experience and history of getting jobs done. This should be very clear. As mentioned, experience is everything and more so for a project manager than other positions. If you've handled a huge project of any kind before, indicate it.

Perhaps you might want to brainstorm and run through your project management career and write down all those projects you safely managed to a successful completion. You must have a list of all your projects. In the end, a few of those projects can be used to convince the recruiter and reader that you're the most qualified for the job having handled such before.

Use a project manager resume template

Sometimes it's never easy to know what exactly you should put in your project manager resume. To be on the safe side and to effectively write an exemplary resume, use a project manager resume template. It'll help you put down the required sections concisely and efficiently without leaving crucial details out.

Above all, read through the resume, check for spelling errors and correct weak grammar as you remove fluff and inaccurate info.

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