How To Write The Perfect Programmer Resume

Nowadays, Many computer programmers often struggle, specifically when trying to put forward their skills, experience, and overall potential via their resumes, especially worse for fresh programmers.

Plus, because programming can be self-taught, some programmers may even lack the papers to back up their skills, even when they are fully qualified for a programming position.

This brief guide provides practical information on how to write a programmer resume to help you land interviews at cool startups and companies.

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How To Write The Perfect Programmer Resume

Know who you are writing for

A resume is one of the many ways a professional presents themselves to the world. Therefore, the first logical step before writing any resume is finding out who your audience is. Without identifying your audience, you risk writing an uninspired resume that only makes sense to you.

Your audience will be largely determined by the nature of the company and the job you're applying for. For instance, if you are designing your resume in response to an advert, find out everything you can about the organization, including their core objectives, vision, and the position they want to fill. If you're only creating your resume for future applications and not in response to a specific job advert, you can still infuse an overall message that applies to most of the companies in that space.

Match the job description

If you're writing the resume in response to an advert, it is imperative that you match your skills, experience, and abilities with the job description. For instance, it would be irrelevant to list your programming skills and experience as a game developer for a job advert that requires a web developer.

If you must include such experience within your resume, remember to keep it brief and to concentrate your focus on relevant areas.

Keeping it focused

Speaking of focus, it's very important for your programming resume to communicate your intent within the shortest time possible. Recruiters won't spend anything more than a few minutes going through your resume, and many will discard it within the first few seconds of skimming if they're not hooked.

For every programming resume, the focus should ideally be trained on education, experience, and any relevant side projects. For most programming jobs, recruiters will often look at a combination of two of these focus points. For instance, if you don't have all the fancy programming certifications in C+, Java, or C# but can still code better than your childhood friend with a postgraduate degree in IT, focus your attention on experience and all the side projects you've done for friends and professionally.

The Do's and Don'ts

A good resume is the sum total of different sections of the resume that come together to articulate your intent and unique value proposition. The following set of points help to summarise what makes a perfect resume stand out from the crowd.

A perfect resume is judged by its ability to get you an interview. When executed correctly, the rules and pointers in this guide should help you land interviews at your favorite companies, and hopefully become the newest staff member at one of them.

Check out the following programming resume sample for an idea of where to start for beginners.

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