How to Write a Product Manager Resume

The first rung on the ladder when finding your dream project manager job is putting together a top-notch resume. Your main aim with the resume should be to quickly catch the eye of your prospective employer so they bring you in for interview.

In your project manager resume you should be focusing on selling yourself, your skills, your experience and really enlightening the employer on why you are right for them and what you are going to bring to their company.

Keep reading to learn how to put together the perfect project manager resume.

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How to Write a Project Manager Resume?

Research & Customise

Make sure you know exactly what you are applying for. Project management is a pretty vague job description, yes lots of the skills do transfer from one role to another but you need to know exactly what you are applying for when forming your project manager resume, let me give you two examples. Both examples have the same qualifications, they are both applying for a construction project manager role at a large developer.

Generic – "I'm an experienced project manager with over 10 years' experience, I've managed projects valued from $10,000 to $10,000,000, I've also managed multi-team projects"

Customised – "I've been managing projects for 10 years, for the previous 5 years I've focused on managing construction projects for a big developer, I know my way around the construction industry and have experience speaking to contractors, suppliers and planning agencies"

I'm sure you can tell which of these resumes would get the interview, it's pretty simple really, customise your resume every time you apply for a job, each time picking out the relevant expertise that you possess.

Skills and Responsibilities

For pretty much any project manager role you will want to include the following skills on your resume;

These are the core job role aspects of all project managers, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are have these skills, you need to be explaining some experience you have with them all and how you could apply that to the company you will be working for.

Successes and SPECIFIC examples

Without a doubt your project management resume should contain some specific examples of times that you have brought value in previous projects. I really do mean be specific, spell it out so it's obvious what you have done. The more specific you are the more genuine what you are saying seems.

If you are talking about manging a successful multi-team project, spell out what the project was, what you actually did and how many people were involved. Same goes for if your project management saved a company money, detail the money saved. For example:

"Reduced company tax exposure by working with operations to make more efficient a manual W-8 process. End result was a reduction in errors by 20% and a cost saving of $200,000 per anum."

Here, we've talked about exactly what we've done and included specific numbers, this is what you should be aiming for.

Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource and you should know then when you send someone your resume they will check you out on LinkedIn. Make sure that your profile is up to date and matches pretty closely what you have on your resume.

Remember to add your work history, make some high-level connections and make use of the ‘Projects' feature in LinkedIn to feature some information about a project or two that you have managed.

Try and get some of your peers to endorse you in project management and the soft skills that surround it, planning, time keeping, efficiency and so on. Arrange with a colleague to write recommendations for each other. A good recommendation really stands out.

Use a Resume Template

Last but not least, once you have all the great content for your Project Manager Resume, make sure you format it to look professional. I always recommend using a project manager resume template to ensure that your resume stands out for looking professional and not the wrong reasons.

A good-looking resume makes you stand out, good content gets you into the interview pile!

To sum up, make sure you write a well-researched, accurate, specific resume after having researched the company you are applying to. Make sure you update your LinkedIn Profile and use a resume template. If you follow all of these resume template tips I'm confident you will get the interview!

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