How to Write a Pharmacy Technician Resume

Now that you've got your pharmacy technician certification, it is time to enter the job market. The search for the perfect job starts with a high-quality resume. First and foremost, if you have earned the Pharmacy Technician Certification, display this information near the top of your resume. That is the fastest way to get the hiring manager's interest. To help you with the daunting task of developing your pharmacy technician resume, we have several tips and tricks how to write the perfect resume. It is important to understand how to effectively communicate and sell your qualities and experience to the hiring manager. Following these tips will help you draft a high-impact resume that improves your chances of landing a job.

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Useful Tips for Writing Pharmacy Technician Resume

Begin with Your Career Objective

Entering the world of a pharmacy technician means that you are willing to help people. Whether that is your career objective or not, you should always make a case to begin the resume with a career objective. The goal of the section is to give the hiring manager the information he/she needs to objectively analyze you. The career objective will determine whether your resume should stay in the process, or go directly to the trash can.

The skills worth mentioning

If you haven't learned it by now, we will remind you what are some of the main skills a pharmacy technician should have. First and foremost, a friendly approach towards customer service. This is one of the most valued skills, and you should emphasize it in your resume. When you are a pharmacy technician, you are the face of the pharmacy. How you communicate with clients and patients has a positive or negative impression on the pharmacy. In your resume, emphasize your friendly personality, ability to reach new customers, and communicate with people of all ranks.

The next skill to emphasize is knowledge of insurance and billing procedures. The knowledge of complex insurance paperwork will make you a valuable candidate, because you won't need a lot of training before you can step in for the job.

Last, but not least, emphasize your attention to details and organization. A pharmacy should be organized at all times. If not, you will have hard time finding the pills and medications, resulting in customers waiting longer. And that will make the customers irritating, which impacts your customer service.

Use Resume Templates

The good part about writing a pharmacy technician resume is that there are always templates you can use. You do not need to invent the wheel again. The wheel is already invented, you can just adjust it to your specific needs. You can find a number of quality resume templates. Use the one that is most suitable for your job, and checks several boxes like: professional looking, personal touch, simple and easy to read and understand, straightforward.

Use Numbers in the Experience Section

One of the tricks for writing a professional experience section that is worth reading is using numbers to back up your abilities and expertise. In the “career objective” section, you can make claim about your abilities and expertise. But it is the “Professional experience” section that will help you back up those claims.

Using numbers allows you to bring life to the abilities you mentioned. Do not create a dull list of job duties. That might get you an interview, but nothing more. You won't be viewed as an excellent candidate. For example, you can write that in your previous job “you prepared labels for packaging common medications, which resulted in 10% faster order completion”.

Emphasize the needs of the employer

Let's be honest for a moment. When someone is hiring you, they are hiring you to fill a need. They are not hiring you as a favor, or as a way to help you with something. You are the one that needs to help the company, and fill their needs.

You have defined your career objective, and it is now time to answer the biggest and most important question for your employer, “What can this employee do for me?”

To best answer that question, make sure to research the target job. Research what are the skills the company is seeking. What type of experience they are looking for? Eliminate all information that is not related to your goal. Or, you can just de-emphasize awards and training that is not related to the job posting. Your employer does not want to read a wall of text that has nothing to do with his company.


As a pharmacy technician, you can work in retail pharmacy, where most of the technicians do. Some choose the career as a first step to becoming a certified pharmacist. Some chose it for other reasons. No matter what your reasons are for becoming a pharmacy technician, writing a good resume will help you achieve it. Nowadays, with so many online tools and guides, it is a shame to write a poorly resume. Hopefully, our tips can help you land the job you want.

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