How to Write a Personal Trainer Resume

We live in an era of healthy living. In the past few years, healthy living, healthy diets, and working out have become the most commonly searched terms on Google. Some might say it is the work done by the marketing department. But the reality is we are more aware of the health benefits of working out, exercise, diets, and healthy foods in general. Because of that, we've seen an influx of personal trainers. More and more people are entering the field, making it harder to stand out from the crowd.

With so much competition, two things will help you be successful. One of them is your ability and skill as a trainer, and the second is a good personal trainer resume. Without a good resume, you might not land a job to show your ability as a trainer in the first place.

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Useful Tips for Writing a Personal Trainer Resume

Market yourself

Nobody wants to be trained by a person who doesn't look fit and healthy. It is as simple as that. You do not have to look like one of those Victoria Secret's models or the equivalent in male bodybuilding. But you do need to look healthy. If you have excess weight, you might not invoke interest. Your resume should definitely include a picture of yourself showing your lean body and muscles. Just do not stand in a pose like a bodybuilder. While being fit and healthy is trendy, being extremely muscular like a bodybuilder is not.

If possible, include past work

If you have permission from your past clients, include examples from your past clients. You do not have to include pictures of them, but you should highlight how you helped a person lose weight, increase his muscle mass, or be more healthy in general. If you have worked with an athlete to improve his/hers performance, include those as well. Potential employers will be pleased to know you've helped a swimmer, for example, improve his best time by two seconds.

Mention any awards

If you have won an award as an athlete or as a fitness competitor, mention them in your resume. Do not overwhelm your resume with awards though. Put the awards section at the end, and just list some of the awards worth mentioning. Wining a local contest in a city with 1,000 citizens does not qualify.

Put extra focus on the introduction

A personal trainer resume starting with "personal trainer with 3 years of experience seeking a position" will not cut it. You need to beef up your resume. Same as you beef up your meal. Lack of punch will not get you the job. In your introduction, focus on your skills, accomplishments, and relevant experience to beef up the introduction. For example, you can write something like "personal trainer with 5 years of health experience across fitness centers with proven track record of helping individuals achieve their fitness goals by using customized exercise and diet plans looking for a job". Now that is an introduction that will tease the interest of a hiring manager.

How you can help the company

Any company, even a fitness studio is constantly looking for ways to make more profit and increase revenue. If you can increase membership sales as a personal trainer, you will be in high demand. Membership sales are highly valuable to any gym. Some of the numbers you can add in your resume are:

Emphasize the right skills

Skills are important part of any resume, no matter if it is in the world of personal fitness or something else. The trick is to emphasizing the right skillset for the job you are applying. For a personal trainer resume, here are some skills to emphasize:

Use resume templates

Probably the biggest trick in the book you can use is to call help. In this case, that means using templates that someone else has already crafted. Now, the template does not guarantee you will get the job. But it will make it easier for you to craft a resume that has everything a potential employer is looking for. Find the template that is suitable for the industry, and then modify and personalize it to emphasize your skills and abilities.


The world of personal fitness is one of the most dynamic worlds. Your resume should reflect how dynamic the world of personal fitness is. Remember, the personal image is a big factor in getting the job. One of the biggest mistakes is submitting a resume that looks all the rest. Yes, you should use resume templates, but always adjust them to look more professional and more personal. For your personal trainer resume, you can always links to online and social media, a video of your program, and a photograph of yourself. And most importantly, do not underestimate your academic skills. Yes, personal training is not a common academic field. However, your potential employer will not forgive your spelling and grammatical errors.

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