How to Write a Personal Assistant Resume

Personal assistant roles come with a high degree of responsibility and the need to be the ultimate multi-tasker. You could be working for a high-profile celebrity, a company CEO or a busy professional. So, how do you ensure that your personal assistant resume has the impact necessary to show that you are up to the challenges ahead? Here are a few tips to give yourself the best chance of reaching the interview stage.

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How to Write a Personal Assistant Resume

Introduce yourself

As a personal assistant you will be carrying out tasks similar to an office or administrative assistant, such as taking and making phone calls, checking emails, taking meeting notes and managing your employer's diary.

However, the key difference is that you will only be assisting one person, so you may well be expected to help with more personal tasks including taking items to the dry cleaners, picking up children from school, or buying a birthday present for a loved one.

You will inevitably be spending a lot of time together, so your employer needs to have confidence from the outset that he or she will get on with you professionally and that there will not be a clash of personalities.

In your introductory paragraph, emphasize the qualities you possess which will make their business and their lives run more smoothly. That is, after all, why they are employing you. They will be looking for someone who is organized, able to multi-task, detail-orientated, a problem-solver, flexible and supportive.

Create a resume which is tailored to your employer's needs

Personal assistant roles are sometimes offered on a confidential basis, with the client you will be working with only revealed once you get to first or second interview stage. However, if you do know who the individual is you will be working with, do as much research as you can to make sure that you are speaking to their needs on your resume.

If they do a lot of international travel, for instance, state on your resume that you are available for business travel. Are they a family man or woman? If so, they could need help with organizing their children's or nanny's schedules. Ensure that they know you are happy to help out with such tasks. Do they appear in the social pages of business magazines? They are likely to attend a lot of events and will need someone who is adept at managing their schedule so they can fit in business lunches or dinners where they can network, along with other necessary meetings and family time.

Your education and skillset

Often people can, unfairly, assume that a personal assistant is someone with few qualifications. However, this is usually far from the truth. While your personality and experience will be just as, if not more, important that qualifications, many personal assistants are highly-qualified individuals who are utilising skills gained at college or university. For example, personal assistants to high-profile individuals may have previous public relations or journalism experience, or those working directly for a celebrity may have relevant styling or fashion experience and could be expected to liaise with designers to borrow outfits for ceremonies and events.

If you have completed training during previous roles, don't forget to include this. This could include time-management or shorthand courses you have attended, for example.

Soft skills

Your prospective employer will be interested not just in your school, college or university qualifications, but also in the soft skills which will help you to do your day-to-day job. Emphasize your communication skills and your ability to work on your own initiative and as a team player. You will need to be adept at communicating in both written and verbal scenarios. But don't forget to point out that you are a good listener too. Your employer will need to be confident that you can welcome clients, create reports and reply to clients on their behalf. They are also likely to require someone who is capable of tact and discretion, particular if they are a high-profile individual, or if you will be handling commercially sensitive information. If you have worked with individuals of their calibre previously, point this out on your resume.

Software skills

As well as those soft skills necessary to get along with your employer and their clients, you may also be expected to have working knowledge of a number of computer systems. Use your resume to list what you are familiar with and whether you have worked with certain word processing, spreadsheet, publishing and PowerPoint tools previously.

Use a resume template

Personal assistant job descriptions can vary wildly as you're on hand to deal with whatever tasks your employer needs to be carried out. So, pay careful attention to the job description and make sure that your resume addresses all of the requirements.

While putting together a personal assistant resume can seem daunting, particularly if you are seeking your first role, or making a significant step up your career ladder, using a resume template is a useful starting point. This will assist you in structuring your resume, ensuring that you do not fail to mention any of your skills, education and personality traits which could help you become the one to fill that personal assistant vacancy.

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