How to Write an Operations Manager Resume

In any company, the operations manager has the most intimate knowledge of the inner workings this side of the CEO. The operations manager is in charge of overseeing proper creation and implementation of products. And in the same time, he must manage all the workers included in the process, their egos, their time, and make sure all of them are meeting deadlines and standards.

The two most important responsibilities of the operations manager are packing and shipping of products, as well as coordinating the team. In most cases, the job posting will require education in the field of business administration, management, industrial technology, or commerce. Here is some tips on how to write an operations manager resume.

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Useful Tips

Understand the business

One of the keys to being a successful operations manager is to understand the business concept and values of the company. Your resume should reflect your knowledge of the business and company you are applying to. The key is understanding why does the business exist, what problem is it solving, how does it address the existing problems, and how do it sells its products. Once you answer and understand these questions, you will be better prepared to apply for the job.

You need to know the business concept inside-out, and work through the details to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. And you should be able to show you can do that in your resume.

Highlight your abilities as leader

Operations managers have a leadership role within the company. You definitely want to highlight those abilities and skills, and even provide some examples if you can. Or if you have ever attended a leadership or communications seminars, this is the place to emphasize them. However, it is also crucial that you understand the basic difference between leadership and management. For example, while you will be asked to be a leader at times, there will also be times when you need to manage. Management is more about consistency, cost, and control. Understanding the difference is the key to landing a job as an operations manager. Simply put, you are the leader of people, but you are the manager of products and processes. You will need to manage the products, but lead the people.

Emphasize the skills needed

We talked about emphasizing your leadership abilities, but there are also many other skills an operation manager must possess. Here is a quick breakdown of the skills you need to showcase.

Technical skills depend heavily on the industry or the niche you are applying for. However, you should have the minimum knowledge of technical skills and processes involved in the business. In some cases, a more in-depth knowledge of the technical job will be required. Sometimes, you will be required to have knowledge of heavy machinery, for example.

Being that you are managing and leading people on a daily basis, communication skills are crucial for success. You need to be able to communicate across departments and with different employees. You will work with the lowest of the lowest, and highest of the highest levels of employees within the company. And you need to establish a communication with all of them.

Being able to bring money into the business is usually the job of the sales and marketing department. But it is your job as an operation manager to make it easier for them. When the process runs smoothly, the company does not spend extra money.

The most important skill aside from leadership is the ability to solve problems. This is the core ability of the operations manager. There will be problems on a daily basis, and everyone will turn to you to solve them.

Use Resume Templates

The good news is that there are many resume templates you can use. No matter if you work in the machine industry, or in the fitness industry, you can find an operations manager resume template you can use. Bear in mind, they are vastly different, as each industry focuses on different aspects. But it is always better to find a template, than write a resume from scratch. Embrace the help of others, and you will be more successful in every aspect of life.

Use Action Verbs

One of the keys for landing a job as an operations manager is the use of action verbs. Most of your day to day responsibilities are actually actions. By using action verbs, you show your future employer that you understand what is asked from you. Action verbs will help you highlight particular skills. Here are some you can use:


When you are writing a resume for an operations manager job, there are three things you need to achieve. You need to persuade your employer/hiring manager that you have the relevant experience and industry knowledge, that you have the skills to get the job done, and that you can do the job well and at different levels.

You resume should reflect those skills. Once you are done writing it, read it again. If you resume does not reflect those skills, change it up a bit. Or write it from the scratch. In any case, do not underestimate the power of the resume.

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