How to Write an Office Assistant Resume

With a well done office assistant resume you can actually highlight critical skills and abilities that keep you ahead of competition. Office assistants are important in the roles they play in any office setting and the reason why companies run smoothly including all their operations. Appointments are the mainstay of all offices and it takes office assistants to ensure each of them has been met. Familiarity with computing tools and systems plus other technical skills is important, including ability to communicate. It's the work of office assistants to offer clients much needed assistance, compile required information and do verification of supplies receipt if the need be.

To get called for an interview and rise above the other applicants, a perfectly done office assistant resume can get you there.

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How to Write an Office Assistant Resume?

Use a template

Use of an office assistant resume template gives you a chance to make the most of a unique format developed to help you win a job. The template ensures you've composed a great resume. Templates, particularly for this job are effective and straightforward in their presentation of qualifications and skills for the job. It's important for the resume to clearly communicate and impress upon the recruiter or potential employer you're the right person for the job. It'll indicate you're able to do the job without a problem as per the responsibilities, qualifications, skills and achievements indicated in the office assistant resume. A template allows you to put your best leg forward and ensure you've missed nothing needed.

Qualifications and skills

Any office assistant need to display critical skills required in this type of occupation. You gain value or show competence through the office assistant resume by the diversity of skills you've highlighted. Strong comprehension of all office functions needed from filing, copying to typing is great, but understanding how to use complex technical phone systems puts you above any other applicant. Being proficient in diverse computer functions and ability to use product software from PowerPoint, MySQL, Excel to Word among others gives you an edge. Don't forget that excellence in both verbal and written communication abilities and skills is a prerequisite. Great personal traits are needed, such as politeness, flexibility and dependability and should be clearly seen in the office assistant resume you've composed.

Recruiters might not be looking for a specific set of education competence but having certain training and certifications will guarantee you get called for an interview and perhaps get the job. Experience will definitely put you at a better position and an edge in terms of high school diploma, business management degrees among other certificates can compel any potential employer to look no further. Don't leave out any education detail behind.

Communication skills

Virtually all offices in companies and big businesses are characterized by all manner of activities. The office is always very busy and being able to communicate in a friendly yet polite way allows the office assistant to interact with all types of people as information is exchanged heavily relating to the company or office operations. Procedures for office supplies or mail reply and routing can be explained by one executive while another delegates all types of tasks for efficient management of office operations.

Office assistant can also find themselves being required to provide clerical information, instructions and tasks as required, including offering instructions to receptionists, copyists and typists within the same place. Showing your communication skills and how you were able to pull through some of these challenges or duties in your office assistant resume will indicate your high level of communication.


You must show how organized you're in your office assistant resume by listing multitasking skills and how you pulled them through. You can do this through detailing the filing system you use or used to manage files and documents, tracking outgoing and incoming information and coordinating paperwork movement across the company.

Don't forget writing is an important part of an office assistant job. Indicate a business writing course you've undertaken if any or any type of writing that showcases your skills.

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