How To Write A Model Resume

Modelling is a difficult industry to get a start in, but a quality resume will make all the difference. One of the mistakes many models make is not even bothering with a resume in the first place, while it's true that modelling is a very visual profession you shouldn't just rely on a portfolio of photographs to convince people.

Photographs are still very important if you're applying for a modelling position but they work best with a professional resume. And this goes for veteran models as well as beginners, every model regardless of experience should have a resume and we'll show you how to build one that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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How To Write A Model Resume

Designing Your Resume

Designing your modelling resume might seem easy all you do is list your qualifications, experience and write a short summary, right? Well, it might seem simple but in practice, it's much more difficult but we'll guide you through each step in detail below.

Writing Your Summary

Your resume should begin with a short summary, but unlike a regular resume, you'll be focusing on your modelling attributes. So, you should focus on your appearance, fitness and exercise regime you can also give a little personal information as well but don't overdo it.

Under your summary, you should list useful information that potential employers will need to know see the example below.

Example – Personal Details

You can list more details if you need to like your waist measurements, shoe size, bust size, build type, ethnicity and much more. Basically, whatever you think is relevant for potential employers to know, you can list in this section.

Work Experience/ Employment History

This section can be approached in the same way as a regular resume simply list your previous employment or work experience. A good approach is to use bullet points to list the main duties of each place you've worked, see the example below.

Example – Employment History

Star Modelling Agency, London – January 2012 – December 2015

You don't have to go into a huge amount of detail and if you have a long career history you should only list the main areas of your role for your most recent job. Make sure everything you list is relevant to the position you're applying for as well.

Education/ Training

This section should include any qualifications you have, many models might not actually have a professional qualification in modelling which is fine. If you hold a degree or qualification in any other subject then feel free to list it in this section.

After all, it will still say something about your character, remember to only include you most recent qualification though if it's not relevant to modelling. No potential employer needs to know how you did at high school.

If you have any special training or certificates then you should also list them in this section, remember only training relevant to modelling should be included.

Professional Affiliations

If you have any professional affiliations this is the place to list them, while it's true that the more seasoned model will likely have more professional affiliations even beginner models might be members of agencies or specialist groups. In this section simply list the details of your affiliation or membership, remember to keep it short.

Do I Need A Photograph?

In the majority of cases for a modelling contract, you will often be asked to submit your portfolio alongside a model resume, so there's no need for a photograph, right? While it might seem redundant a photograph is still a useful thing to add if it's recent and high-quality.

Many models will have professional headshots, these make great resume photographs and they should be added in the top right-hand corner of your resume. The photo should be a little larger than a passport photograph but make sure it's professional and doesn't take over the page.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

With our helpful guide, beginner and veteran models will be able to increase their chances of getting their dream modelling job. Modelling is a very competitive industry but with some hard work and patience, it's a field you can thrive in.

Remember to keep things short and sweet and only include information that is relevant, focus on your positives and think about what makes you stand out. Don't get carried away though because your resume should only be one to two pages long at most. So, think carefully and use our guide to ensure you craft the best resume possible.

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