How to Write a Military Resume

Serving in the military can be a very rewarding role to play within society, but leaving the military can be a different story. Most people that leave the military struggle to find their feet, despite having a tremendous amount of skills to offer. A great starting point for any ex-military person is to write a resume. This article will give you a quick guide on how to write a military resume that gets you on your way to achieving your ideal career.

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How to Write a Military Resume

1. Identity Your Mission

As with any military battle, it is important to identify your mission, be clear on what career you would like to pursue and why. Would you like to work as a chef or a school teacher? By identifying your mission right at the beginning, you will be able to work towards a clear goal, this will eliminate any distractions you may be faced with along your journey, helping you to stay focused on your target. Always remember that without a mission there is no target!

2. Research Your Target

After identifying what your mission is you are in the position to begin researching everything about your target career. Make use of the current job openings and the internet, as this can provide you with an idea of what the necessary skills or experience the employer is looking for. It is also smart to think about whether you already possess any of the skills the employer is looking for. Any good civilian will prepare accordingly before attempting to tackle their mission, ensure that you research thoroughly to give yourself the best chance.

3. Construct your Resume

Be selective with what information you disclose on your resume, it would be great to include any relatable achievements, for instances if you achieved a 'long service and good conduct' medal that would be something great to mention because the employer may recognise you as someone that is persistent and focussed when it comes to achieving the end goal.

Another thing to remember when putting your military resume together is the use of language. There is a high possibility that the person that reads your resume will have no knowledge of any military terms, therefore you should hold back from using language that speaks specifically to those familiar with the military terminology.

4. Test your Resume

After constructing a winning military resume it is your job to show it off to the world, allowing you to get a feel of what employers think of your resume. Developing a winning resume is an ongoing process, by getting your resume into the world you will have the opportunity to adapt your resume to meet the employer's needs, which will eventually land you your ideal career.

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