How to Write a Medical Professional Resume

Whether you are a new graduate out of university or an experienced medical professional looking for a new opportunity, it's important that you communicate your skills and experience effectively and really sell yourself to prospective employers.

If you are a new graduate we would recommend that you also check out our article aimed at new graduates, both articles will have useful tips for you to write a good medical professional resume.

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How to Write a Medical Professional Resume

Exact Details and Certifications

There might not be another industry where it matters quite so much exactly how much experience you have; what roles the experience is in and what qualifications you have to go with it.

Start with the exact details of what degree you have, what college it's from and even include details about what modules you completed to attain your degree, especially include this information if it's relevant to the job you are applying for.

Read the job specification carefully, work out what certification and or training is required for the job, include everything you have that is relevant, if you are missing something consider either applying for another job or include your plan for gaining that qualification.

If you are applying for a nursing job, make sure to include your registered nurse status and how long you have been registered for.

Medical Skills

Please just bullet point your medical skills, this is probably one of the only fields where there is no need to go into too much detail as long as you have the skills listed out, for example

The people you are applying for know what these all are, no further explanation needed. Where you have been involved in unique situations feel free to elaborate more,

"I spearheaded the development of an experimental nerve repair surgery, leading a team of 5 other experienced surgeons we completely annulled the pain caused by major nerve damage"

This is fine to do when you have a skill that is less common or requires a bit more explanation.

Non-Medical Skills

As important as your medical skills are your other ‘soft' skills are almost as important, in particular you should be focusing on things like;

Sell yourself

You resume is about you, make sure it's different to all the other very similar resumes that are being submitted. Make it is unique as you can and really focus on what sets you apart from all the other applicants.

Lots of people realty struggle at this stage. My top tip for those people is to ask current bosses and colleagues what you are really good at? What do people always come to you for? Why do they want on you their team?

Focus on what they are saying to you, this is your specialism, this sets you apart, make sure it's clear on your resume that this sets you apart from other people that are applying.

Use a Resume Template

I'm sure you want your resume to appear as professional as possible. Then don't try to lay it out and design it yourself, take the stress out of it and use a resume template designed for medical professionals.

So many resumes are instantly binned based on their sloppy appearance, don't take the risk.

To sum up, talk about both your medical and non-medical skills in as much experience as you can, make sure to include all the medical certifications that you have and set yourself apart from others, make your resume as interesting and unique as possible. Make sure to use a resume template to give your resume that professional look.

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