How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

One of the most critical and important manpower in the healthcare today are medical assistants. Obviously, every society requires proper healthcare and there’s no doubt medical assistants are a part of that. However, it’s the doubling of numbers of people in the western world, such as the United States, above 60 years of age projected to hit about 100 million by 2060, among others in the American case, which will demand even more medical assistants.

With such age group growing in terms of population, the medical assistant is expected to be the game changer. With a superbly done medical assistant resume you can go ahead of the queue and get called for that wonderful medical assistant job you’ve always wanted. Here are a number of things to pay attention as you come up with the resume.

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How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume?

Certifications and education list

Unlike other occupations, the healthcare based occupations require stringent certifications. The medical assistant certificate is a critical component of this. You need to list your certification on the certification part of the resume, whether you’re in the process of completing the program or already a certified profession. It doesn’t matter whether the certificate is asked for or not. Adding it in the certification section automatically gives you a head start over any other applicant. On the education section you can list other academic programs already done or in the process of being completed such as medical related degree program. These are some of the advantages that get you ahead of the pack. Don’t forget to indicate the date you anticipate to complete an ongoing medical related program or the date you graduated.

Experiences and positions relevant should be listed

Of course you must indicate the relevant work experiences on the medical assistant resume. Generally, what’s most important is any position involving interaction or direct care of patients as well as medical, clinic or hospital related office activities. If you’ve held any job relating to patient care, medical, technician, office clerk, secretary or administrative assistant as a medical assistant you must list it.

Perhaps you currently lack past roles in medical assistance or administrative roles in a medical institution. If you had a customer relations job before, data entry experience, office management activities, interaction with hospital patients, used medical tools or healthcare terminology, supervised tasks and managed files in any manner, include it. The position doesn’t really matter. Skills mostly used in medical assistance jobs that cut across include nursing home assistance, retail or sales professionals, pharmaceutical assistance, call center representatives, volunteer position in a health institution, medical supply customer care or salesperson, among others. These positions indicate you’ve been gathering the requisite experiences also needed in medical assistant jobs and make you a great prospect for any company.

Handling relevant skills section

On the medical assistant resume indicate relevant positions held with evidence of gaining skills and performance of the tasks needed in any medical assistant occupation. You can get a few bullet statements highlighting the diverse skills, duties, accomplishments and responsibilities. For instance, customer service representative position in the past or up to the present can be explained in three strong bullet points explaining the tasks accomplished in that position.

Technology experience and skills

Medical assistant job is one where modern technology comes into greater use. The individual who has most skills and better experience with the diverse pieces of technology with go ahead of the pack in many ways. List tech skills that you have, from using computer tools, software and programs by listing the types and names of these items and avoid mentions of soft skills like ‘team player’ or ‘empathy’. Whether it’s the use and management of glucometers, database systems, X-ray machines among others include them in the medical assistant resume.

You can definitely include language skills, bilingual skills you might have due to the ever changing diversity in patient demographics across the world. Don’t ignore your ability to write and converse in Spanish or German, for example.

Committed to patient care

As a person trained to work in healthcare institutions your commitment to care for all types of patients should not be in question. In the descriptions throughout the medical assistant resume your commitment to patients and their care should be clear.

Use a template

Getting right in all the diverse sections and knowing what to write in a medical assistant resume is critical. A template ensures you don’t forget critical areas and parts while allowing you to list all the required strengths enough to get ahead of everyone.

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