How to Write a Lawyer Resume

Entering the legal profession is one of the most flexible career choices you can make. There are so many different areas of the law; from criminal to civil, media to medical litigation, that there is sure to be a field which interests you. However, legal roles are also highly sought after. So how do you ensure your lawyer resume has what it takes to get you to the interview stage? Here are a few pointers for budding legal eagles…

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How to Write a Lawyer Resume ?

Introduce yourself

Plan your resume carefully to ensure you create an impressive first impression. Make sure that the most important aspects about you or your experience is mentioned straight away. If you went to one of the top law schools in the country make sure you include that first. But, if your work experience is more noteworthy because you have previously held a role with a prestigious legal firm or worked on a high-profile case, then make that your focus.


Rather than simply listing where you have worked and when, ensure that you include a number of bullet points to bring your career so far to life. Tell your prospective employer about your career highlights to date. If you specialise in a certain area of the law then highlight your expertise within that field. List any high-profile cases you have worked on and be sure to include facts and figures. Have you, for example, helped to win a multi-million pound payout for a client who was the victim of medical negligence? Or have a certain percentage of your cases resulted in wins or favourable settlements?

Soft skills

While educational attainment is vital in the legal profession, you will also need a raft of soft skills if you are to make it to the top of the profession. Emphasize your exceptional negotiating skills, your communicating prowess and your ability to get to the heart of any matter in an analytical way.

Not only will you need to have fantastic verbal communication skills in order to get your point across to a judge, jury or chairman, but you will also need to be a great listener in order to analyse what clients are telling you or keep on top of complex arguments. You will also need good judgement, be able to spot weaknesses in opposing arguments, be a creative problem solver and be a people person. The law, after all, is generally about changing someone’s life, whether you are aiming to achieve closure for a crime victim or are arguing the case in an employment tribunal.


Ensure you point out that you are licensed to practice law, and include details of any professional bodies which you belong to. Make sure you include details of the route you took, whether you have completed a law degree or chose a different degree before moving onto a law course. As well as the necessary academic qualifications, point out any extra-curricular activities or work done with charities or the community which demonstrate you have the temperament and leadership attributes necessary to succeed within the law. Were you, for example, a member of the debate team or drama club? This will show your public speaking prowess. Have you been involved in pro bono work, which will show your diligence and research abilities?

Tailor your resume

A good tip is to treat every application as if it is the only one you are making, rather than simply firing off the same resume to everyone. A small village legal firm will be looking for different skillsets than a large government agency, for example. Do your research, looking at the type of cases the employer has already been involved in and what they are working on at the moment. That way, you can make sure you highlight the skills you have which will be relevant for each firm, proving that you will add value from the first day of your employment.

Use resume templates

As the legal profession is such a competitive one, it is vital to create a standout resume if you are to have a chance at winning the role you are applying for. Look at law resume templates and choose a law resume sample which you find impressive. This way, you will have the basis you need to help you craft your own resume so that it is properly structured and includes all the information about your experience and attributes which should make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a recent law graduate looking for your first training post or you have already notched up hours and hours of experience in the courtroom, putting in time and effort to ensure your resume is carefully crafted will help you to create a winning argument as to why you are the perfect fit for the job.

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