How to Write an IT Specialist Resume

You've been working in IT for a few years now and you're ready for a new job, you've been looking around various job websites and gotten in touch with a few head honchos in the industry through LinkedIn. Now you need to write an eye-catching IT specialist resume in order to land some interviews. Keep reading to find out how to write the perfect IT Specialist Resume.

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How to Write an IT Specialist Resume

Specialist means Specialise

An IT Specialist is just that, an IT SPECIALIST. When applying for various IT Specialist roles it's important that you specialise your resume to match the job you are applying for. What do I mean by this?

If you are applying for a role in 1st line Technical support you don't need to focus too strongly on your technical ability (although some will help) instead, focus on things like customer service, communication and telephone manner and of course the level of your written English. These skills are still important in most IT specialist roles but take less focus the more technical the role gets, here are 3 extracts from 3 different IT Specialist resumes.

This might be a lot to take in, hopefully you can see the difference between each one, where each applicant is really showing off their skills and experience that are relevant to each posting.

Keep it short(ish)

A resume should never be more than 2 A4 pages at font size 11. If you feel you need more than this, cut out as much irrelevant information as you can. I find IT specialist resumes tend to be the guiltiest of information overload on your resume.

If you are applying for an experienced project manager or IT consulting position and you have 10 years of experience and have worked at 5 or 6 jobs, guess what? The company you are applying with doesn't care about the details of your 1st help desk support role. In reality, they are only interested in your last job, maybe the one before that and in rare cases 3 jobs. But no more. The amount of depth you give for each role should decrease as you go back into your work history.

The same goes for technical certifications and qualifications, if you have a degree we don't need know to know anything about qualifications from high school. If you have a multiple MSCE's it's probably safe to drop your CompTIA A+ off the resume.

Use a resume template

I've seen on too many occasions IT specialist resumes that look a mess, either no formatting or way too in your face. You're an IT Specialist not a graphic designer, leave the quirky resumes to them.

Typically, you are applying for a well-paid, professional position, make sure your resume reflects that, use a professional template and please please please don't add your certification logos to your resume, it just looks plain bad.

So in conclusion, specialise, keep it relevant, don't give your prospective employer information overload, all these steps will help you get that job.

PS: Don't lie about your technical ability, most interviews involve a technical test or at least a chat with a technical member of the team, they will find you out.

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