How To Write An Attention-Grabbing IT Resume

Like every other technical field, information technology (IT) is a challenging field. And Writing an eye-catching IT resume can be quite challenging either. Plus, because the IT field is always filled with dozens of IT certifications and academic specializations, it's always advisable to keep it simple and draw attention to your ability to perform assigned tasks rather than showing off perceived prowess.

In this post, we look at some of the important facets of an attention-grabbing IT resume. Also be on the lookout for a sample IT resume at the end of this post to help you design your own resume as you set out on your job hunt.

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How To Write An Attention-Grabbing IT Resume

Starting Off: Identify Your Audience

Yes, you have an audience. In marketing, determining your audience is among the first steps when creating an impactful marketing campaign. Job hunting in the tech world follows roughly the same route. As an IT professional, you must know everything there is to know about the specific role advertised and the company or agency that has advertised the job. This way, you can customize how you present your skills and experience and the general tone or language of your resume to speak to the recruiter.

For instance, if the company is a managed service provider (MSP) or an IT agency, chances are that you'll be working with different client organizations. Here, make sure to include non-tech skills that touch on organizational management. On the other hand, if the recruiting company is a non-IT company looking to fill a position in its IT department, you should concentrate more on your problem-solving and technical skills.

Organize Your Informal Draft

Once you've figured out who the recruiter is and what the job requires, it's time to put down a few of the points that you'll include in the final copy. If you're a new graduate, note down your academic accomplishments, internships, and any volunteering instances help bulk out the resume. However, if your IT career is advanced, avoid these elements altogether.

Next, put down all your IT skills, even if you won't use most of them on your resume. This will help you identify your strong points and also assist you to narrow down on which ones to highlight according to the job description.

Together with the background information about the recruiting company and the type of job, these points will form your resume's "spine."

Writing the Resume

When you actually get down to writing the content on your resume, always remember that you're dealing with staffers and hiring managers who, like most humans, have short attention spans. You should also assume that the average recruiting office often receives tens or hundreds of applicants at any given time. That said, your long, bulky, and wordy resume risks being tossed before being read.

Break up large chunks of text with neatly organized categories, for instance, work history, educational background, and IT skills. Include bulleted lists to make your resume visually appealing and more likely to capture the attention of the recruiter.

The following collection of tips should help you come up with a professional IT resume that is guaranteed to get you closer to your dream IT job.

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