How To Write A Human Resource Management Resume

Before creating an incredible and memorable resume, you need to understand the kind of job you are applying for. The work of a Human Resource Manager is to oversee the administrative functions of an organization. This includes planning, directing and coordinating matters of administration in the organization. HR managers also oversee the process of recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff. They are the link between organization's management and employees.

To get such a top-notch job, the job applicant needs an outstanding resume that will pinpoint him or her among the crowd. Your resume needs to build confidence in your prospective employers. Below are tips that will be helpful in creating your Human Resource Manager's resume.

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How To Write A Human Resource Management Resume

Create A Well Branded Summary

Prominently positioned at the top of your resume, should be your name, personal information, and contact. This includes your email, linked-in profile, and blog(optional if you have one). Immediately after that write a well-branded summary of "who" you are, professionally. This is referred to as Professional Summary. It is simply a replacement of what was formerly known as "Career Summary"

Professional Summary is a reflection of your career objective. It should be brief, concise and have clarity. With a quick glance, readers should instantly recognize that you are an HR Manager and your specialization as one. Below is an example of a HR Manager professional summary:

"Human Resource Manager with a practical understanding of organizational needs, creative leadership skills and a track record of organizing HR training and directing projects that achieve world class business objective."

Highlight Key Skills and Competencies

Key competencies are defining capabilities or advantages that distinguish you from other competitors. They include your main strengths, pooled knowledge of HR Managers or technical capabilities that are hard to be replicated. After creating your professional summary, create a space for " Core Competencies" also known as " Skills" or " Highlights".

Ensure that HR keywords appear throughout your resume. They should be seamlessly integrated into it. What you are highlighting should not only match your past experiences but also what you want to do in future. This is crucial since it makes your prospective employer perceive you as a qualified and well experienced and equipped candidate for the HR Manager's position. Highlights for this position can be written as follows:

Emphasize Accomplishments

Without mentioning your specific accomplishments, your resume will lack zeal and life. It will be no different from any other HR Manager. Giving details of your accomplishments is critical since it enables your prospective employer to know your contributions to business objectives, the differences you have made and your past measurable results. It enables them to know your contribution towards strengthening of the HR organization and general improvements.

Mention both the achievements that can be quantified and those that cannot. Both add value to your resume. If you find it challenging to find your achievement, ask yourself "What problems did I solve in the organization?" you will be able to find a positive outcome. Be keen so that your resume isn't filled with lengthy statements but be precise ones. Below are examples of how one can write accomplishments:

Use A Well Designed Template

A resume template is a professional layout of a resume which gives details about a person's professional skills and experience. Tailoring your resume is extremely helpful especially with the increased competition in the job market. There are several variations of templates(free and paid-for) such as Exclusive Resume set, Business Set Basic, Modern Blue, Modern Violet, Timeless Lite among many others which can be found in websites such as Using templates makes your resume refined and easy to grasp all details.

Highlight Professional Experience

One cannot overrule the importance of talking about the organizations you have worked with before. It enables the prospective employer to understand the depth of your experience. This involves citing details that will give the employer a frame of reference. Mention the specific business, annual company revenue, number of employees among other things of importance.

After each of the company's name, write brief descriptions of your position there. All positions you have held before are vital since it helps the employer put into context everything about you. It is advisable to use bold keywords as you mention the Professional Experience. This strategy makes your stand out especially if the reader is skimming for example:

Human Resource Manager

Jamal Department Stores

Give Details Of Education Background

This shows that the candidate meets the requirements of a particular job. Good academic records are an advantage. The higher qualified degrees increases your chances. However, do not let this prevent you from applying for a job.

Highlight the school you studied in and the course you undertook. Highlight them in a chronological order from the senior to the junior level of education. This will help the prospective employer in keep track of your educational track. Below is an example:



In a nutshell, include any other thing that is relevant to you. Add other professional affiliations that are of importance. Include your talents and skills such as communication, team cooperation etc. It is also important that you use resume templates to help personalize your own resume and make it very appealing.

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