How HR Should Write Their Resume

While applying for a HR job, the best thing you need to pay attention to is exactly how to write your resume. You're probably applying for HR manager position, director, generalist, training specialist, employee orientation or benefits admin specialist, among others. The important thing is ensuring the resume is crafted in a way that specifies the position being sought. Among other things, the following should help you craft a convincing HR resume.

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How HR Should Write Resume


After the name and contact details, right at the top of the page, the next thing to add is a summary statement headline. The headline statement is critical; it immediately tells the recruiter or potential employer about the individual making the application. The reader should instantly ascertain you're indeed an employee orientation specialist, HR generalists etc. Note the headline statement is a novel replacement of what many term as "Professional Profile" or the "Career Summary". While the profile and career summary hardly communicate much about the person making the application, the headline statement does.

Speciality areas

This critical section allows the reader to see HR and significant skills relating to the profession from your HR resume. Come up with an outstanding resume as you mention all those critical skills that pertain to HR. This can be accounting, development and training, organisation behaviour, personnel selection skills, industrial relations, compensation management, business writing skills, among others.

Additional skills

In your career in HR you probably have other relevant skills relating to the job. Even as you avoid adding skills that hardly have a bearing on the job, those additional skills that either come in handy in your HR career or your professionalism should not be ignored, such as computing and typing skills. It shows you're ready to make the most of database software for payroll and employee data management.

Where did you work before?

Your experience is critical in any job application. In the HR resume, ensure it's very clear where you worked before and the exact organisation. Strengthen your resume by citing the employee number, location, company revenue in total, specific industry or business, including any other piece of information the recruiter or potential employer will highly appreciate.

Stress on the achievements

It's most critical to stress on the achievements as you aim to create a memorable and powerful HR resume the reader will not forget easily. Specific accomplishments allow the reader to distinguish between you and a host of other applicants. Your expertise and knowledge is very critical and a recruiting manager will appreciate a little more. It's not easy to quantify HR achievements like in sales but you can dig deep and indicate in the resume things like problems solved, measurable outcomes accomplished among others.


HR resume need to use certain keywords to make it easy for the recruiter or potential employer to find specific skills of interest. Such keywords include HR director, HR manager, personnel supervisor, benefits coordination, staffing manager, executive recruiter, HR benefits analyst, HR specialists among others.

On keywords, find an ATS (applicants tracking system) to have a clearer glimpse on what a review driven by general HR keywords looks like. While the ATS mightn’t have a perfect result it can help you come up with great practices on how to format the resume, increase keyword density and integrate key phrases and words in the resume.

Are you any special?

It's possible to think your educational credentials and many hours of experience in HR will work for you as happened a few years back. However, put in additional value, qualification and distinction in your HR resume by sharing those things that make you special and not common. These can include public speaking and presentation engagements, media quotes, features and publications among others. You only have less than two pages to make your HR resume stand out and every word should indeed count.

Concise throughout

No recruiter has the temerity or the patience to waggle through fluffy adjectives, filler information and irrelevant experiences. The resume should be tight, detailed, and precise and clean throughout. Read through to deal with grammar issues and spelling errors. Have another person read it to highlight its weakness.

Use a HR resume template

If you're writing your own HR resume you can be lost considering the single or two-page document really needs concise information. Using a HR resume template allows you to put everything in order, add the right and most desired information and format. Template ensures you're not lost along the way.

Above all, remember not to exceed two pages if you can’t have the necessary information in one. The format you stick to should make your HR resume tight, inviting, flowing and worth reading. Avoid writing wrong information. Put your HR personnel interview skills into good use. Tailor a resume to the exact industry you’re targeting and don’t forget to include computer proficiency in every job.

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