How to Write a Striking Resume

Would you like to have your resume up and running in the shortest time possible? How does a wonderful and striking resume sound like? A resume might only be about 1-2 pages long but successful application of a job heavily depends on how effective it is. It's a personal advert that should sell you to potential employers by telling your professional life history.

Since it must never be lengthy, the resume has to be the clearest to read, concise and without inconsistencies. If it doesn't meet these simple tests a hiring manager will probably not glance at it again, losing you a wonderful job opportunity.

Writing a striking resume that will draw the attention of the reader culminating in an invitation to attend a physical interview is actually very easy.

how to write a resume

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How to Write a Resume

1. Select the right format

2. Order contact details well

As you list your contact information on your resume you should start with your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Link to online portfolio, if you've one, in that order. LinkedIn profile should appear here.

3. Select resume introduction

Choose the best resume introduction that defines you from three types: professional profile, career objective or qualifications of summary.

4. Mind the font size and type

The font type and font size selected should be easy to read. The style you start with should be stuck with consistently with bare minimal use of bullets, bold, underlining and italics etc.

5. Find resume keywords

Most jobs today have hundreds if not thousands of applicants. Recruiters use software to find the applicants with specific keywords that describe the skill set they're looking for and other information. Be found with ease and fast by finding the best keywords targeting jobs you're interested in and add them in the resume.

6. Use a professional resume template

Even as you visit a number of resume examples relating to the industry or job being applied, a professional template is a wonderful place to start crafting your resume. As you edit and tweak the template and add information that defines you, the template ensures you're highlighting your abilities, skills, experience and other details.

7. Proofread the resume

Prior to submitting the resume it's in your best interest to proofread it perfectly. Spelling and grammatical errors and inconsistencies in style should be rectified. You can talk to another person to read it through and point out these errors if any.

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