How to Write a High School Student Resume

One of the daunting experiences is coming up with a resume in your high school days with little or zero work experience. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean it can't be done considering there's always lots of information that could be added into a resume. Not many high school students know this. While you mightn't have been employed before in the job you're applying for, it hardly mean you lack skills required to make it. Writing a high school student resume shouldn't be a problem as such.

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How to Write a High School Student Resume?

Getting started is important

Come up with an outline or a clear list with all the potential unpaid or paid jobs or duties engaged in before. This way, you'll come up with the right language of explaining these duties in your resume. One of the things to include is informal job experiences you might have. Whether paid or not, these jobs need to be included. It can be babysitting, writing for a local teen magazine, shoveling snow, car wash or lawn mowing among others. Include all the things you did in an attempt to make some money.

Don't ignore some activities

Unlike in other resumes, a high school student can be said to enjoy lots of latitude. You need to include any activity engaged in before. You probably have never been in lots of employment opportunities and drawing all types of activities attempted in your life is highly critical. These activities will be able to let the employer see your character, personality, skills and work ethics required in the job being applied for. High school students are in all manner of extracurricular activities, sports, academics and volunteer engagements. Mention all these. In high school you probably hold some type of leadership responsibility, such as football campaign, debate club speaker, club secretary, among others. These positions are worth noting. You can have a bullet list indicating all these activities.

Performance and attitude persuasion

The potential employer in the case of a high school student would be interested in the attitude of the student and his or her habits to a great extent. You're not expected to have years of experience or any at all. Remember to mention different recognitions you've had in school as indicated by your coaches, tutors and supervisors such as recognition for your class's fundraiser, great football game leadership and other recognized outstanding services.

Achievements need to be mentioned

One of the strengths of a high school student resume is position contributions. Employers are always searching for these. Take a note of each experience you've had and include all the achievements drawn from all your engagements in school from the workplace if any, athletes, clubs or even in class. Describe the achievements using such verbs as expanded, improved, enhanced, initiated, and reorganized among others.

Education section

It's important for every high student to remember that education is very important and the potential employer will be taking a close look at this. The education section needs to come right after the career objective considering the recruiter will most likely head to this section right away. Your performance in school will give them a good indication of the kind of person you're and whatever you include should offer a good account of yourself. Show your GPA and emphasize it. Indicate coursework relevant to the job being applied, honor club memberships, clubs that you belong to in school to others in the community.

Indicate all the clubs and groups participated in to give your education section a unique flair of work ethic to put to rest any concern the employer might have about your abilities. From literature criticism in high school, debate programs, music band in and out of school among others should be mentioned to show how active you really are.

Action verbs

Throughout you need to describe and write the resume using an active tone in your language through action verbs. The idea is beginning every description using unique action verbs such as created, organized, taught, wrote, drafted, calculated, drafted or served. It gets the reader right into your active school life.

Resume should be short

A high school student resume isn't expected to be long let alone any other. Keep the resume as short as you can-not more than a single page.


Lots of employers would like to see how a high school student describes himself and how careful he or she is with his work. They'll pay attention to spelling errors, grammatical errors among others. Proofread your work by reading through. Find another person, a parent, and friend or teacher to read through for you.


You probably have never worked on a resume before. To help you come up with the kind of high school student resume that works, use the right template for this. It helps you compose it fast as well indicate what's required. Chances of formatting errors are lessened.

With these few tips writing a high school student resume shouldn't be rocket science. A template can help you get started right away.

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