How to Write a Hair Stylist Resume

Being a hair stylists is a one of a kind type of job, you need to have create mechanical skills, unlimited creativity while also maintaining incredible customer service at all times. The demands of being a Hair Stylist vary a lot from job to job, you could find yourself in a high end, high pressure luxury salon or a slight more relaxed local joint.

You might think it's a bit odd to even be thinking about creating a hair stylist resume. You might think that is the case, as do lots of artists, graphic designers and other creative jobs, however you would be wrong. By not giving a prospective employer a resume along with your portfolio you are reducing your chance to sell yourself by a large margin.

Here are a few tips that when coupled with an impressive portfolio will always land you the job!

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How to Write a Hair Stylist Resume?

Sell YOU

Being a hair stylist is a very personal role. You aren't sat in the back room of a massive office complex, you're front and centre in the salon. Customers sit with you potentially for hours, at the end of the day if they don't like YOU they won't come back.

For this reason, salons often largely employee people based on personality. Of course, you still have to have the skill, but if you're friendly and bubbly and another candidate isn't, you will get the job.

Now it's not always easy to write personality into your resume, and many professions recommend you don't start your resume with an ‘about me' section, but in hair styling I recommend that you do exactly that.

Pick out some of your best traits, choose a few hobbies, pick an experience you have enjoyed and something you want to do and craft them altogether into a great opening section on your resume, for example:

"My name is James, I have a real passion for hair styling and have been successfully styling men's hair for over 5 years. I always pride my-self on building good customer relationships, I'm a friendly down to earth guy who gets on with anyone. I'm a lover of all things outdoors and regularly go camping, climbing and hiking on my days off. I'm looking forward to a trip to the Andes next year"

I appreciate this doesn't seem like the kind of information employers are looking for, but this goes a long way to demonstrate your personality on paper. There is no need to overdo it on this section, the example above is enough.

Technical Skills

It's extremely important to bring some focus towards your technical skills, we don't need lots of text just a bullet point list of skills and certifications, explanations are ok when you need to expand, for example:

You've now very quickly explained your core skills. I always think 3 is a magic number, try and narrow your core skills down to 3 and where possible change this based on where you are applying.

Carefully review the job brief and adjust your resume to match

As with all jobs you should be adjusting your hair styling resume to match the job description, you'll want to add and remove certain skills and experiences based on what the employer is looking for, I'll give you an example.

Let's say the job description has the following line;

So in conclusion, specialise, keep it relevant, don't give your prospective employer information overload, all these steps will help you get that job.

"Make product recommendations and promote product sales"

You might want to say something like this then describing your experience at a previous place of work;

"I regularly cross sold additional beauty and hair care products, as well as additional beauty services, typically I earned a bonus of more than 25% of my wage through the volume I sold each month"

Simple, you've said what you've done, you've made it clear you were good at it and you've even opened the avenue for you earning commissions at this next job.

Final Words

The key to a great hair stylist resume is being able to really sell the full range of your talents while at the same time meeting the needs of a specific employer. If you can do both, your resume will have salons calling out for your haircare expertise.

You might want to consider using a hair stylist resume template, you can really go to town on making your resume look great and stand out.

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