How to Write a General Manager Resume

General Managers do not have an easy job, and that is why you need to put an extra effort to your resume if you are to land this role. Though your work may differ depending on the industry, all general managers are expected to adhere to similar standards. Your resume should bring out these commonalities including the details of your experience as a General Manager. You need to show what you achieved, how your leadership improved the company's standing and the unique attributes that you brought on the table. You should consider this tips when writing a general manager resume.

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How to Write a General Manager Resume?

Develop your branding statement

You need to know the main qualities that make you an ideal person for the general manager position and your personality as a leader, and this will help you create your branding statement. You can come up with a personal branding statement by writing down everything you have accomplished and then find an underlying theme. You can write your branding in a value proposition form, for example, "I help (target audience) +the problem you solve)"

Create an Executive summary which shows your contribution to the General Manager Job

Begin the summary with your branding or leadership statement. Then list three points that demonstrate that you are expert in solving the challenges that your target employer is facing. The summary needs to show your experience or your contribution to the general manager job in a leadership capacity as a boss not as a team member.

For example:

"A result oriented General office Manager with over 12 years' experience in legal medical improvements. Proficient in refining processes and saving money while competently managing multifaceted office environments. Expertise in staff training, development, and procedural development."

You need to showcase your areas of expertise (multiple soft skills)

Organize your skills based on the management function required for the job and list them under an executive summary. You need to know the skills that are necessary for the general manager position level and outline them. Your talent in team management is necessary, but it is not sufficient to get you hired. You need to list other managerial skills in your arsenal.

For instance:

You should also consider other skills that you possess and are needed for the job

If you have other skills that are required for the job but are not necessary at the management level, you need to list them in a standalone section. You can name them "Technical skills" and place them after your employment history.

Outline your achievements or accomplishments

You need to tout the accomplishments that your General Manager Career has offered you so that the employer can see the importance of your results in his/her company.

For example; saved $60,000/year by realigning duties, allowing two unfilled positions to be eliminated.

Display your Professional experience/employment history

Your experience in a similar position is essential, and it may make you stand out among other applicants. You need to list all the companies you have worked with, the dates of the employment, a brief description of the company as well as the scope of your job. Listing your achievement and the scope of the work may make you stand out among other applicants who held the same position. You might have handled difficult duties than they have.

Under this section, you should not forget to include the

Managers are not only top performers, but they are responsible for their subordinates.

Here is an example of how you can display your experience:

Cantor Golf and country club

09/2008 to current, New City Land CA

The organization consists of a well-manicured golf course, heated pool wading pool, and two tennis courts.

General Manager

Key achievements

Outline your education achievement

You need to list only your highest level of education together with the current or ongoing education in your resume.

Use Resume Templates

When drafting the General Manager resume, you need to research for the resumes related to the position you are applying for. The structure of resumes keep changing and therefore as a general manager you need to look for a template that will help your structure your resume. As you look for resume templates showing latest structures, you also need to consider a model with a structure that will make your resume stand out among other applicants.


Writing a general manager resume may not be an easy task, but at least you should ensure that it entails the essential elements just as your summary, work experience, soft skills, achievements, and education background.

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