How to Write a Fresher Resume

Applying for jobs as a fresher can be a tricky proposition, you don't yet have your degree, in most cases you may not even have any experience. You are probably thinking how can a young person with no proven track record, skills or experience put together a fresher resume and then successful apply for jobs?

1. You probably have more experience and skills than you think!

2. The kinds of jobs you are applying for don't always want experience, the right mind set is all they are after.

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How to Write a Fresher Resume

Selling yourself

At this stage, we have to be honest, we have to work with what we have, you don't really have any 'proper job' experience but as a fresher you do already have some qualifications and some experience even if it isn't 'proper job experience'.

It's time to think about all the experience and skills that you do have, so I'm talking about;


With limited skills and or experience you need to sell your personality. Most employers base a huge amount of recruiting decisions on your personality. They will expect as a young fresher like you to be enthusiastic, willing to learn and energetic, but it's up to you to prove this. Let me give you an example:

"My name is Harrison, I'm a freshman at Bristol University. I'm a keen amateur scientist, and run the chemistry club at my university. On my weekends, I play for the local basketball team. I know that I can apply these leadership and teamwork skills to working in your organisation"

As you can see I've established the fact that I have interests outside of school / work, I've shown that I have some leadership qualities and that I can work as part of a team. This is probably all any employer is looking for when hiring a fresher, we've ticked all the boxes already.

Previous work experience

You might have to dig deep to find some useful work experience that you can put on your resume but you might just have some gems to include, try and think about things you've done that no-one else has, I'll give you an example;

"In the summer of 2016 I worked with my dad every day at his pool installation business, I started by passing tools and by the end of 6 weeks through I was getting involved with all aspects of the installation, from selling to design to installation. This was a great experience for me, along the way I picked up some great customer service skills as well as a basic knowledge of plumbing, electrics and general pool installation"

How many people do you think have spent the summer at a parent's place of work? Loads. How many do you think have explained it on their resume like this and had an impact on the employer? Not nearly enough.


Using slang in a fresher resume is overall not a good idea, yes, some companies might like it but generally it looks bad. I'm even guilty of using slang in this article, on your resume you should really be using the word Freshman, if you are applying to work somewhere a bit more serious you may even want to say 'First year Bachelor's student'.

Use a resume template

This is probably the first time you have ever written a resume. You may have never actually seen one before so have no idea of the general style / layout that it should take.

Even if you have written one before, I would recommend that you use a fresher resume template. Using a template can really make the difference between getting picked out of the pile of resumes and getting tossed in the trash.

So, to conclude, your resume is about you and your personality, make sure to include any qualifications or experiences, including non-academic experiences that you have at this stage in your life. If you've followed these tips you should now have an excellent fresher resume, good luck getting that job!

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