How to Write an Entry Level Resume

As you start your career you definitely need an entry level resume to help you make the most of the available opportunities. It's not a targeted resume and it'll largely be very general than one targeting a job search as a business analyst. Coming up with the right skills, experience, qualifications and qualities for an entry level resume isn't as easy as it might seem.

As an entry level professional, chances are you've no idea where to begin. You might not know the sections to include in the resume or information to add while avoiding duplicity and repetition and putting your best leg forward. With an entry level resume template, you can actually create a wonderful resume, perfectly organized with all the required sections. A template ensures you don't get out of line and compose your own things.

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How to Write an Entry Level Resume?

Handling previous employment

A person just out of college might not have a lot to talk about in terms of previous employment duties and tasks. However, as mentioned, such jobs as volunteers, summer cleaning jobs, babysitting, private tutorage or pool cleaning should definitely be included. But the mistake many entry level professionals make is just creating a list of these tasks and leaving it at that. Rather, as you list the past jobs the lessons learned and accomplished are more important. The value the job added in your expertise and field should be described without taking much space.

Resume size is critical here

Most professionals would tell you that the entry level resume, like any other should be governed by years of experience. Chances are you're just after college and have zero prior experience in the field. As such, while those with over ten years of experience should go for two-page resumes, entry level individuals should limit themselves to only a single page.


An entry level resume is almost expected to appear simple. Lots of new graduates notice this right away and use all manner of strategies to fill and hide this lack of information. However, rather than complicate the problem further, demonstrating one's ability and knowledge in the field being applied for is the better approach. Concentrating on education is a better idea. Explicate the different courses and classes that show relevancy in the industry to compel the recruiter to call you for an interview.

With all manner of demands from employers, do thorough research beforehand and know these demands if any. All the classes and courses taken should show the relevant knowledge you have sufficient for the job. Make the education section intriguing by going beyond a summary of school attended and the majors attained. Additional academic details make the entry level resume appear complete.

Professional summary

For entry level individuals the professional summary section needs to be compelling and short. Highlight those qualities you deem to be the best to show the recruiter the kind of worker you really are. If you have certain strengths such as computing skills, creative thinking and problem solving, great leadership skills among others indicate that in the summary. However, limit yourself to only one or two sentences.

Credibility in professional experience

As mentioned, entry level college graduates want to indicate all manner of experiences in their resume. While it's not wrong, especially because no one wants to have an almost empty page, you can avoid adding any fluff by making the document very professional and highly presentable. Rather than indicate how babysitting all Sunday evening taught you cash management, use better professional experience most colleges students have such as internship, part-time jobs and volunteer positions. Describe these structurally showing the type of requisite skills gained.


The entry level resume can benefit a lot from the skills section. List all skills developed not just in class but also out there, from computing skills such as programming languages, foreign languages proficiency, communication such as group emailing and trade-specific skills such as marketing and sales strategies from being a car salesperson.

As indicated, avoid going beyond two pages in an entry level resume. A single page is enough for a fresh graduate or a person changing careers.

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