How to Write an Engineer Resume

Engineering is one of the most exciting professions to enter, offering myriad opportunities across a huge range of roles. Once you join the sector, the world can be your oyster as engineers are highly sought after across the globe. However, the demands on engineers are exacting and you will need to demonstrate the right educational background and technical experience along with a range of valuable soft skills. So, how do you ensure that your engineer resume is as carefully constructed as your engineering projects?

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How to Write an Engineer Resume ?


Use the first few lines of your resume to emphasise that you possess the perfect mix of necessary qualifications, hard skills such as computer modelling in your chosen specialism and soft skills including attention to detail and teamwork. This will help to convince your chosen employer that you can drive through any scheme from initial idea to completion.


Even though employers are increasingly placing value on softer skills, technical abilities are likely to be the number one focus for employers, who will need to know that you tick certain boxes before they can move on to looking at your personality or other attributes. Even if you do not possess the exact qualifications or technical abilities they are looking for to operate their systems, the technical skills you do have will show that you have the aptitude to learn. This will give potential employers confidence that you will be able to quickly get to grips with their own systems and processes. If you are very highly qualified, then think about separating your education from your technical skills with a new section to detail your technical expertise.


As well as the basic information of who you have worked for and when, point out how you have applied your skills. Apply the precision and conciseness expected of an engineer, but don't scrimp on detail. Use bullet points to list your key accomplishments in each role, including facts, figures and outcomes. Did you work lead to greater efficiency for your company or clients, monetary savings or new ways of using spaces or equipment. Detailing such achievements will make you stand out for an employer who will be keen to bring you onboard so you can emulate similar success for your new firm.

Even if you do not have paid experience, you can still show your suitability for a first role in engineering through detailing any internships you have carried out, or involvement in STEM projects. Also be sure to include details of any training workshops or industry conferences you have attended. If you have trained other members of staff in systems and processes, include this in your resume as this shows you are ready to take that next step up the engineering career ladder.

Tailor your resume

There are a wide range of roles available within the engineering industry. While some will require very high levels of educational attainment, others will be based more on technical expertise gained during on-the-job training. Ensure that you highlight the skills and qualifications which are important to your potential employer. Also, carry out your research, looking at trade and industry news to find out about past projects the company you are applying to has been involved in and any tenders they are currently seeking. You can then ensure that you emphasise similar projects you have led or been involved in, showing that you will be a valuable asset to the team from the very first day of your employment.

Soft skills

While professional qualifications are vital for engineering candidates, any potential employer will also want to know that you also have the personality traits needed to succeed in the engineering sector. You will need to be adept at clear, concise communication, to ensure you can follow a clients' brief and direct others to complete any project on time and on budget. Your employer will also be looking for someone with interpersonal skills who is comfortable dealing with customers and tradespeople. You will also need superb organisational and time-management skills and be able to think on your feet in order to resolve any problems which arise.

Use resume templates

There are a host of opportunities in the engineering industry. But those opportunities are highly sought after. You will need to ensure that your resume gives you a competitive edge. Using engineering resume templates will help you to set out the structure of your resume so that it is formatted in a logical way which is easy to follow. Seek out examples and look at an engineering resume sample which you think works well. You can use this as the basis for your own resume, including your own unique experience and attributes to give you the best chance of winning your first or next role within the engineering sector.

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