How to Write a Consulting Resume

A consulting job is all about working with diverse persons to solve complex problems. They are professionals who must deal with challenges emanating from companies with highly stressful surroundings. Consultants are required to have strategic insight and great communication skills. It demands a very specific skill set usually hard to describe than other jobs. As such, the consulting resume should be adjusted accordingly. To shine all through as the best candidate for a consulting job, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to.

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How to Write a Consulting Resume

Presenting what you have

Most experienced and highly qualified individuals sometimes don't get invited for interviews largely due to the way they present what they have. Now matter how qualified or experienced you're, present your resume superbly. Work experience and background, among others are required but to create an impressive consulting resume is a balancing process. You cannot overdo some areas or ignore others.

Don't be vague

Consultants require and request their fellow employees or clients to be specific. The nature of a consultancy is all about being specific and avoiding being vague. The consultant resume should show a unique ability to be clear, concise and precise. Most likely, experienced consultants will read the resume and being vague in different sections of the resume will deny you a chance to be called for an interview.

Result oriented resume

A consultant is hired to be impactful. In most meetings and publications by consultants the term "impact" is probably the most repeated. Throughout the description of the resume it's critical that your input as a consultant and the result thereof be as clear as possible.

Show consulting skill sets

Rather than listing your background and elaborating on each of these points, identify all the qualities, skills and abilities recruiters are looking for. Match the expectations of the recruiters and screeners with your background and compose an explosive resume.


In a consulting resume, the different formats can work without a problem. However, ensure the education information is at the top and the institutions attended are easily read even if you've been a consultant for the last 15 years. Don't bury the school attended as the recruiters want that.

Career experiences should be chronologically ordered, such as recent job first and education second. The name of previous employers should be clearly set. Make the most of bullets to salvage as much space as possible, keeping the points precise and short. Each job experience, for instance should have 2-4 one-line long bullets.

Concise resume

A consultant resume should be concise. If you've little experience or looking for entry level consulting job ensure the resume is just a single page. Experienced applicants with lots of experience should have one with 2 pages maximum.

Your achievements must be clear

Obviously you must show what you carried out and the outcomes achieved. Consulting resume requires that you quantify the accomplishments and experiences. Whether it's a volunteer experience or winning against a competition, indicate it. Perhaps, the initiative you implemented saved money. Indicate this in percentage and dollar value. As already indicated, such details will show your consultant abilities and impact.

Blast your horn unabashedly

As a very competitive field, consulting is all about showing how great you really are in contrast with others. The resume is your chance to blow your own horn without shame. Rather than say you "led a solicitor team", blow it up by saying you "led a solicitor team of 10 to offer legal consulting services to a multinational that eventually resulted in 70 percent increase in monetary savings". In each statement in the consultant resume try to describe it further to show how irresistible you are. Showing off is expected in a resume and helps you stand out.

Not a personal biography

Note that the consultant resume, even if you must show off and describe yourself better, is not a personal biography. It's a vehicle to give the screeners and recruiters a reason to consider you for an interview.

Make sure it's understood

Descriptions and language used should be easy and fast to understand. If you went to school in Australia but applying for a job in Germany, avoid assuming the potential employer will understand what a "9.0 GPA" indicates. Offer further information such as a "GPA of 9.0 out of ten". If you won a business award put it better by indicating the name of the word, in what category and why it's special, such as "customer satisfaction award in legal consulting given by the UK Foreign Office to 10 best global legal consulting companies".

Use a resume template

Getting the format and descriptions better isn't always clear-cut while composing a consulting resume. Use a consulting resume template that shows you how to put the required information tersely to make an impact. Template ensures no section is left out and best resume practices are observed, making your work easier.

Spelling mistakes and grammar problems will have the resume thrown out faster than it took you to submit it. It's a sign of carelessness that you don't take your job or the application as seriously as you should. Find a professional editor, a friend or colleague to proof-read it for you submit it.

Use PDF version to save your consulting resume to maintain the format, font size and style, margins among other details. However, ensure the potential employer has no problem with resumes in PDF and haven't indicated that PDF submissions are not allowed.

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