How to Write a Career Changer Resume

Due to different reasons we can all find ourselves having to execute a career change at any point in our lives. Competition can be over the top in certain industries and changing into a new one could portend some great returns while some occupations simply have short lifespans and almost no future prospects. You need to know you're in a new path and the career changer resume should easily help you enter the new field and make the most of transferable skills.

Note that a recruiter has few seconds to read your career changer resume. Getting the resume right from the start is critical. One of the ways you can accomplish this without a problem is using a career changer resume template.

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How to Write a Career Changer Resume?

Transferable skills

Have in mind those transferable skills you can bring into the new industry. Before composing the career changer resume, take some time to know how the new field works and the expectations in place. The job descriptions should be read carefully and the resume should be customized to meet the skills required by the employer. You can use previous resumes and curriculum vitae to get all your skills in a single document. Writing all the skills, experience, qualifications and certifications as well as education can help you find those specific transferable skills and abilities you can include in the career changer resume. For instance, if you are moving into marketing from teaching think creatively about those roles that can be brought into the field of marketing from pedagogy. These abilities should hold the recruiter's attention and make a strong case for you.

Non-pro experience

Even as you painstakingly look for transferable skills don't ignore non-professional type of experience for the career changer resume. You probably have been working another part-time job, volunteered widely, enjoyed certain hobbies, diverse social media posts, PTA board membership, local book club chairlady among others; these can provide lots of extra experience and skills you've gained over the years without really knowing it. However, even if you've been active on Twitter but only have 200 followers it doesn't make you an expert in the field.

What are you offering?

It's hard to know what you have vis-à-vis the new career you want to penetrate. Take time to know all your strengths from all your professional and extra-professional skills and abilities. You can list all these abilities and see exactly what you'll be providing the new employer if you have the chance. For instance, if you want to change into software hiring manager career and you've been employed in a small company where you worked as a recruiter and a sales manager, you can showcase how your widespread experience in the small company prepares you for the new undertaking. Make this very clear in the professional summary and emphasize it in the entire resume.

Skills section

Whether you choose the chronological or functional format or a combination of both, it's highly important to add a skills section in your new career changer resume. It's likely for the recruiter not to find the job titles familiar to them for the industry as well as responsibilities and duties. However, all the hard and soft skills the new career requires should be shown in the skills section that you indeed possess them. Coalesce on skillsets that would intrigue the potential employer.

Be concise

Even if you've over 10 years' experience in your previous career and have held two positions in the past, the career changer resume should be concise and short. A single page is enough. Your previous positions can have as little information as possible highlighting just a few accomplishments. The secret is avoiding the temptation to list all manner of experiences and skills you're proud of from the old career believing they'd impress the potential employer in the new field. Simply choose carefully all the responsibilities and accomplishments supporting the new job objectives and leave it at that.

No matter what you do, use a career changer resume template to help you get the new career right and avoid repeating yourself. Take some time to come up with a great resume that will not scream the fact that you're changing your career.

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