How To Write An Admin Assistant Resume

An Administrative Assistant, also known as Administrative Support Specialist, is a person who provides various kinds of administrative guidance and helps in an organization. He or she is in charge of managing and distributing information or correspondences within departments in an organization. They do bookkeeping, planning and documentation and scheduling.

Having extensive knowledge in various fields is a plus to Admin Assistants and this should be clearly reflected in their resumes. In other words, an outstanding and memorable resume should bring out all the top skills that an admin assistant possesses. So, are you looking to create an admin assistant resume? Well, the following tips will help you create a resume that stands a cut above the rest.

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How To Write An Admin Assistant Resume

Create An Exemplary Professional Summary

Your name and personal contact information should be at the top of your resume, preferably in bold and use a clear font. This includes an email address, LinkedIn profile and a blog link.

Professional Summary is about "who" you are as an admin assistant professional. It is a reflection of your career objective. It should have clarity, brevity and be concise. Keep your objective relevant and exemplary for example:

" Committed and reliable Administrative Assistant who is excellent at completing multiple tasks. Follow through with projects that achieve organizational goals. Handling in-person inquiries from colleagues and clients while answering a high volume of incoming calls".

Mention Outstanding Skills and Competencies

These are the abilities that make you unique from other competitors. It is the knowledge that you have that leads to superior performance. Since the employer uses this to define you, your ability and strong personality traits should be polished.

The skills and competencies that you highlight should match your present experience and future expectations. It enables the employees to perceive you as a qualified candidate for the job. It is advisable to mention the computer software and programs you are familiar with because Administrators often use various databases and software programs. For example, your write-up could be as follows:

Highlight Accomplishments

Tout your accomplishments seamlessly on your resume so that your prospective employer understands the importance of your accomplishments in achieving business goals. Use your past experiences and training to flaunt this out. Mention both measurable and immeasurable achievements for instance:

Use Appropriate Professional Resume Templates

Simply put, this is a professional layout which provides details concerning a person’s professional qualifications, skills, and experience. Choose the right Administrative Assistant’s template where your resume should be tailored in a way that makes it stand out especially in the flooded job market. Professional templates are designed in varied forms and you can find them on the web. For instance, you can find use professional resume templates by, where you will get a range of resume template options such as Business Set Basic, Modern Blue, Modern Violet, Exclusive Resume Set and much more.

Remember, your resume should be personalized to suit the admin assistant’s job description and resume templates can make personalization seamless!

Flaunt Professional Experience

Your professional experience is an asset that should not be downplayed. It should be marketed to your advantage. Many employers look out for top-notch admin professionals to work in their organizations. Your resume should clearly communicate the value that you bring on board.

Work experience should be written in a chronological order starting from recent job position to the past ones. Include brief descriptions of your duties in previous work places. Below is an example of how to write Professional Experience:

Administrative Assistant

May 2015 to Current

Diamond Limited- Newshire

Showcase Educational Background

A good educational background shows your desire for success. It also determines your qualifications for a particular job. The heart of a resume is job experience and education background. List and give details of any postgraduate or undergraduate degree, diplomas or certificates. Mention the awards that you have received and any other special training you have undertaken. These will put you a notch higher than your competitors.

This should also be written in a chronological order as follows :



To wrap it all up, with the above tips you can come up with a memorable and trophy-winning resume. Keep in mind that employers are looking for people who are open-minded and have a fearless approach to new platforms. Your resume should thus showcase a sense of flexibility. Most importantly, get a polished template that speaks volumes and is appealing to the eyes. After creating your resume, solicit feedback about its quality from relevant people. You can always modify it to suit the job you are seeking.

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