How to Write an Accounting Resume

Accounting takes a certain level of expertise and professionalism. Due to this, your resume should reflect the needs of the job, showcasing your abilities, experience, and education. Where many fall short is in the presentation. Flare and eccentric resumes have escalated in popularity in recent years.

And while there is nothing wrong with such presentation for some jobs (say a graphic designer or low-level position), accounting resumes should be complete, sophisticated, and organized well. Additional to knowing how to layout your resume, those seeking a career in accounting should have the proper context when writing it.

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How to Write an Accounting Resume?

Tips to writing your resume

When you start to write your resume, the first thing which needs to be addressed is “who are you writing the resume for?”. Your target audience will go a great deal in the tone of the writing. For example, if you are seeking to be an accountant for a top fortune 500 company, the tone needs to be very formal (throwing in a couple of those 5 to 7 syllable words for good measure). Yet, if you are applying for an accountant job for children and family oriented business, your tone should be more relaxed. Keep in mind that relaxed does not equivalate to grammatically lose or lacking in detail.

Regardless of the level of the company, there are a few things which every resume should have including:

Don't shoot yourself in the foot

Perhaps the biggest debacles accountant resumes yield is that of improperly filled skillsets, past experience, and references. While you may be the best applicant, if the resume is does not address the points properly, then your odds of being hired are greatly diminished. To address each point:

1. Skillset should include those skills which are relevant to the job. Accounting needs to have SEO experience, Math Skills, Social Media Marketing, an understanding of logistics, an understanding of various algorithms, and above all the ability to read and increase profit margins for that business. Being able to use standard accounting software is a must for any accountant's resume.

2. Past experience needs to be only oriented to jobs which pertain to accounting. Students who have no prior accounting experience are better to leave the section blank than to state that they worked at the local fast food restaurant or coffee shop. The only acceptation to this is if that person held a management position or if that person was an IT software developer, as this showcases the ability to lead and the ability to fabricate specific programing for the company's needs.

3. References must be oriented to professionals within the field/position you are applying. Never put your family and best friends as your reference. Employers do not care what your mother or your father think of you, generally, nor your friends. They wish to see the opinion of those who have invested capital in your abilities. Did it pay off? Why did you leave? What were your strengths when you were employed? Ensure you only put references which will boost your demand.

Finish it up with something unique

Usually, a resume will have a small area where you can sum up why you're the ideal candidate. This is where you need to say something unique about yourself. If you increased the sales of a certain department by 20% in the first quarter, state it here. If you can speak 4 languages and have used that knowledge to open intercontinental relations between companies, state it.

Try to make your unique feature something that ties to the job you are applying for. This is also an area where you can talk about any accounting software certifications which you have received (although you could put this in the awards and the achievements, putting it here allows you to expound a bit more).


To have an exemplary resume, outstanding practices must be used. Gimmicks and flare in the aesthetics are not idealistic for accounting positions. Rather focus on sophistication, transparency, high merits in math and marketing, and above all cater your resume to the job that you are applying for. Should you need assistance, using a template is recommended, such as that found below. Ensure that when using a template that all areas are filled completely. Be professional, be competitive, and be complete.

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