How to Write an Account Manager Resume

An account manager is one of the most important positions in a company. As a result, hiring managers are extremely picky when it comes to hiring account managers. The company's and organization's reputation is on the line. The field is extremely competitive, and every single individual is trying to stand out from the crowd. The most important aspect of a killer account manager resume is to showcase your sales skills, as well as your interpersonal skills. These two are crucial for success in the field. Most of your duties involve sales, so the goal with your resume is to show that you can bring in revenue to the company. Here are some tips that will help you craft the best possible account manager resume.

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Useful Tips for Writing an Account Manager Resume

Start off strong

We mentioned that the two most important skills are your sales and interpersonal skills. Emphasize them as soon as possible. Mention these two skills in your summary statement, and then build on that as you move down the resume. You will be able to back up your skills with some examples. But it is crucial that you start off strong, and mention words like sales, revenue, profit, customer service. The hiring manager and the employer will focus on these words, and your job is to guide them with those words through the rest of your resume. Think of it as a story, and the sales and revenue are the two words that have to flow through the whole story.

Use Data to Showcase your Sales Skills

This is probably the most important part of your resume. Potential employers will look for data, proof, and example how your sales skills helped a company. You have to back up your claims with data. Otherwise, they hold no ground, and your resume will be quickly archived. And you definitely do not want that. The goal is to quantify your achievements using data. Make sure to mention how you managed to bring some profit and increase revenue to your previous job position. It is all about sales, sales, and more sales. For all employers the end game is to increase revenue, but when they are hiring an account manager, they want to see even more results.

Highlight the important skills

In addition to the sales and interpersonal skills, there are other skills that you should highlight in your resume. For an account manager resume, these skills include punctuality, ability to meet deadlines, reporting skills, data analysis skills, organizational skills, and communication skills. Deadlines are extremely important, as you will often be tight on time. You need your communication skills to maintain a healthy working environment, and organizational skills to keep everything in place. Tracking budget expenses, tracking client visits, information, managing multiple projects at once, and much more, all of these require you to be excellent at organizing things.

Present yourself

A job in the account management business requires great presentation skills. Therefore, the resume is slightly different than other job positions. It is in your resume that you must show your presentation skills. The more presentable the resume is, the more your presentation skills are highlighted. Use bullet points, subheadings, and other graphical elements that will improve the visual appeal of the resume.

Use resume templates

Luckily for you, most of the graphical elements are covered by resume templates. You can easily download an account manager resume template, personalize it, and then send it as an application. We live in a world where you do not have to re-invent the wheel. Using a resume template will solve some of the problems you might have. From simple like where to put the name and address, to complex like what paragraphs should my resume include.

Do not underestimate power words

Most hiring managers and employers are addicted to power words. We mentioned two at the beginning, sales and revenue. But there are many other words that are considered “power words” in the accounting world. They are management, negotiations, communication, clients, customers, executives, stakeholders, client relations, meetings, and profit. Use them as much as possible, without overwhelming your resume with them.


Everyone who has ever worked in the world of accounting knows that the responsibilities of the account manager is to manage individual accounts, build client relationships, and ultimately help the business grow. To land the job you'll need business experience, quality resume, and the right attitude. Without a good resume, you won't land a job, no matter how good you are in sales. Your account manage resume should highlight the accomplishments from your previous job positions, but also your skills as a people's man. Make sure to have these ideas in your mind when you are developing the resume that should impress the hiring manager.

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