Tax Invoice and What Tt Include

If your business is registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST), then your invoices must always be a tax invoice. What made the tax invoice different from regular invoices is that it includes a GST amount for each good and services provided. However, if your business is not registered for GST, then you don’t need a tax invoice.

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Free Invoice Templates

This is a free tax invoice template. Download right now and get started with your invoice creation.

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Free Download is a free invoice template website that gives business owners and individuals access to different types of invoice templates. An invoice template makes the whole process of creating an invoice easily. Accessing and downloading these templates are easy to carry out and at no extra cost to you or your business.

What is a Tax Invoice?

A tax invoice is defined as a legal document containing a tax which the seller issues to a customer. It is the standard form of invoice required to be issued by GST registered businesses, and failure to do will attract a fine. The tax invoice must be issued to the customer from the moment the goods and services are supplied. However, a tax invoice is not applicable to the supply of imported services or second-hand goods.

What to include in a Tax Invoice

Things to include in your tax invoice are outlined below.

When you send a tax invoice that is incomplete or incorrect, the invoice becomes null and void. You will have to reissue a new complete and correct tax invoice as a replacement. If you are the one that receives such tax invoice, alert the issuer to correct the mistake and reissue another one.

Benefits of a tax invoice

The benefits of a tax invoice include:

  • It helps to eliminate multiple indirect taxes.
  • It helps to reduce tax invasion and corruption.
  • It helps to simplify administrative tasks.
  • It helps reduce the price of items and services.

  • Different countries have different requirements for what to include in a tax invoice; however, the ones mentioned above are the generally accepted. Once you have all the information in the invoice, you are good to go. Moreover, with a free tax invoice template from, it even becomes more comfortable.

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