Sales Invoice: Purpose and Why You Need One

As a business owner, you need a sales invoice to keep track your goods and services. Sales invoice also serves as a form of verified agreement between you and the customer. This helps to establish an obligation on the part of your customer to pay for the goods and services.

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What is a Sales Invoice

In a simple term, sales invoice is a form sent by you to your customer as a request for payment for the goods and services rendered. It contains the description of all transaction, the quantity of service provided or products sold. Also, a sales invoice acts as a record of the sale for both you and the customer.

What is Included in a Sales Invoice

Generally, a sales invoice usually include the following information:

Preparing and sending a well-completed invoice to your customers promptly after every sale helps speed up the process of payment. It will also help turn all your outstanding invoices into cash to grow your business more.

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