What are Purchase Invoices and Why Your Business Needs it

Every finance department of a company deals with a purchase invoice or order on a daily basis. It is essential to your business as it helps provides clarity into the expenses of your business. Purchase invoice also enables you to collect and manage your payment. The benefits are enormous and vital to carry out your day-to-day business transactions smoothly.

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What is a Purchase Invoice

A purchase invoice is a commercial bill or document containing the goods and services rendered by a seller as well as the amount due to the customer for payment. In other words, a purchase invoice is a request for payment for a purchase by the seller to the buyer.

What is Included in a Purchase Invoice

The necessary information contained in a purchase invoice include:

Other relevant information included are: The major the difference between the purchase order and the invoice is that the purchase order shows that an order has been placed. While the invoice request payment for a particular order that has been delivered.

What are the Similarities between a Purchase Invoice and Order

Although they are different both in function and the information they carry, there are some similarities between the two. These similarities are that both documents are legally binding and contain some similar information like:

1. Mailing details.
2. Total payment.
3. Payment schedule among others.

Why Should You Use a Purchase Invoice

The reasons why you should use a purchase invoice for your business transactions are as follows:
1. A purchase invoice enables you to collect your money.
2. A purchase invoice gives you insights into what expenses your business incur.
3. They help you manage your payments.
In conclusion, purchase invoices are a vital part of a company’s transaction process and understanding how it works will benefit your business immensely. The difference between the purchase order and the purchase invoice are not much apart from the one mentioned in the article.

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