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The pro forma invoice is very similar to the commercial invoice; however, it is sent to a potential customer instead of a buyer. The importance of this invoice to you as a business owner is that it allows you to list your commitment to selling a certain amount of your goods for a specified duration. Let’s say it acts more as a price quotation, to tell the potential clients what you have to offer as well as the terms of sale.

proforma invoice

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pro forma invoice what is a proforma invoice
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What is a Pro Forma Invoice?

A Pro Forma invoice is defined as a preliminary bill of sale given to potential customers in advance of delivery or shipment of products. The Pro forma invoice usually describes the goods and other necessary information such as transport charges among others. It is also used for customs purposes for importation.

What to include in a Pro Forma Invoice

The instructions outlined below covers all the necessary section of a proper pro forma invoice.

A pro forma invoice needs only the necessary information to allow the custom determine the duties from examining the included products. Now you know what it takes to create your pro forma invoice, you can then proceed to source for new clients.

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