Customer Invoice and How to Create It

As an entrepreneur that provide goods and services to customers before payment is made, a customer invoice is the best way for both you and the customer to keep track of the money owed and goods purchased. The customer invoices hold the record of the amount and cost of the product provided, import information and show a customer when you are expecting payment from them.

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Invoicing is as essential to the growth and development of your business as getting capital is for starting the business. It showed how professional and organized you are as a business person and improve customer relations. provide many different types of invoice templates, samples and format which you can choose from. The invoice templates are available for visitors to download on the site for free.

What is a Customer Invoice?

A customer invoice is a legally binding document that shows the settlement of an outstanding balance. The customer invoice is generally created after the delivery of the goods is confirmed, or services have been rendered. It contains vital information and sometimes may result from credit memos or correction to claims for a customer.

What to Include in a Customer Invoice

The information outlined below is what is usually found in a customer invoice.

How do I Create a Customer Invoice in SAP FICO?

1. In the SAP command field, enter the transaction invoice.
2. This will take you to another screen, and there you will enter the company’s code to want the invoice to post to.
3. In the next page, enter the information as listed below.
a. The customers’ ID you want to send the invoice.
b. The invoice date.
c. The invoice amount.
d. Click on the tax code if the tax is applicable.
e. Click on the tax indicator to calculate the tax.
4. In the payment tab page, check for payment.
5. Then proceed to the item details part and input the below information.
f. Go to the sales revenue account.
g. Click on credit.
h. Then input the amount for the invoice.
i. Then check the tax code.
6. Check the status of the invoice after inputting all the entries as mentioned earlier.
7. Generate an invoice number by clicking on the “post button” in the standard bar menu.

Once that is done, it will show you that you have successfully posted your customer sales invoice.

The customer sales invoice is an important document you shouldn’t ignore while carrying out your daily business transactions. It serves many purposes that are beneficial to you and your business.

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