Commercial Invoices: Things You Didn't Know and Why You Need It

The commercial invoice is vital for any business transactions and you need one for smooth running of your business. The importance of a commercial invoice can’t be overlooked when you are in the business of buying and selling. It contains vital information and acts as a bill of sale between the seller and buyer. Also, paying attention to every detail when working with your commercial invoice will be of immense benefits to you.

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You can find websites that give free commercial invoice template online. However, is one of the best sites that guarantee you easy to use free invoice template. They have many editions of templates suitable to almost every sphere of business. From resume templates and cover letter to free commercial invoice templates. The free Invoices are also available for download by visitors easily.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is defined as a form which is used for shipments that involve non-documents. It is the document that identifies the product that is being exported. Also, the commercial invoice is used as the primary document for valuation, control, duty determination and importation. Your commercial invoice also serves as a means to you getting paid for your services.

What to include in a Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice must include all the information exactly as agreed upon by you and your customer in the proforma invoice. If there was an agreement to change any part of the sales form, you should include it as well. Also, always include the list of information provides below in your entire invoice irrespective of an agreement with your customer. The information provided below is for clarity and safeguarding your interest.

Commercial invoice vital information includes:

Once all the above information has been input into your commercial invoice, all that is left is careful consultation with your transportation company. There are several commercial invoice samples available on

Also, you can go through top companies’ invoices like FedEx commercial invoice, Ups commercial invoice and DHL commercial invoice. To get a comprehensive understanding of how it is done.

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