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Every cover letter has a specific objective. It presents your professional profile to the potential employer. By submitting a cover letter, you are able to explain your skills, experience and talents in a way that the Curriculum Vitae (CV) does not. The cover letter provides an opportunity to show that you are the best fit for the particular job that is being offered. Here is more about its content, objective and how to write a successful cover letter.

what does a successful cover letter do

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What Does a Successful Cover Letter Do

1. Introduce yourself to the target organization

A cover letter helps you to express your personal perspective on the job that is being offered. It also gives you an opportunity to indicate your traits, talents, skills and talents to the potential employer. The letter helps you to demonstrate your interest in the position on offer. It focuses attention on your resume and makes your reader feel more motivated to interview you.

Ensure that your introduction sentence is not informal e.g. "Hi? My name is Stephen and I want to…" It should be formal and polite e.g. "Dear hiring manager, I am enthusiastic to present my application for…."

2. It shows that you can write conclusively

An interesting objective of the cover letter is that it displays to your potential employer that you can write professionally and effectively. Cover letters normally have a strict format. It includes elements such as correct spacing, titles, bullets and specific word choices. The cover letter indicates that you can communicate effectively in writing. If well written, it puts you head and shoulders above your competition. Feel free to refer to winning cover letters online. Ensure that you avoid informal words e.g. "ur" Instead, use professional alternatives such as, "you’re".

3. It indicates your degree of seriousness in the position that is being offered

The cover letter provides an opportunity for you to escape the rigid limitations of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. In this document, you can indicate your talents, experience, case examples and any other material that shows you are serious about the position at hand. The cover letter enables you to describe some noteworthy experiences that you may have had in the field. This gives the potential employer a clear view of who you are and why you want the job. According to successful cover letters, seriousness should be communicated in every aspect of the letter including the closing. Here, don’t use informal words e.g. "With best wishes". Make sure to use only a formal sign off such as "Sincerely,"

4. It showcases your personality

A cover letter gives you an opportunity to express your personality. By choosing a unique sentence structure and indicating specific experiences to highlight your talent and expertise, the cover letter allows you to be fully authentic. In doing so, you present the potential employer with a clear picture that stands out from the crowd.

Don’t go overboard and user phrases such as, "You know what I’m saying?" Instead, stay courteous and professional using phrases such as, "Kindly let me take the time to explain a poignant experience that I had."

5. It sets the stage for a follow up with the potential employer

Within the cover letter, you can express interest in attending a follow up interview. Furthermore, you can indicate your contacts and show that you are excited and ready to hear from the potential employer. In doing so, you set the stage for an interview and hopefully, employment. Do not share your social media handles e.g. "@thisboywins". Instead, share only your phone number and official names e.g. "Dennis Draper - +1-567-9076." More is contained in this winning cover letter example.

A Successful Cover Letter Sample

Don Draperrick
Los Angeles, LA 40301
Phone: 970-315-0078
Email: ddraperrick@yahoo.com

October 10, 2018

Mr. Thomas Talon,
Hiring Manager
InfoTech Systems Ltd,
Los Angeles, LA 40301.

Re: Information Technology (IT) Supervisor position:

Dear Mr. Talon,

I am thrilled and enthusiastic to present this application for the position of Information Technology (IT) Supervisor in your company. I have a total of 15 years of experience in this role. Over this time, I have seen the IT industry grow. I have also adapted along with it. This has granted me valuable skills that are competitive and innovative in nature.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked with a wide variety of companies in various job titles. Thanks to their diversity, I was able to gain knowledge and experience in a wide range of skill sets. I enjoyed the knowledge and perspective presented by each of the jobs I have completed up until today.

I am a dynamic person and very good at thinking on my feet. As characteristic of the IT industry, I pay enormous attention to detail. This is to ensure that every single aspect of a job is working perfectly. I believe in teamwork and will automatically connect and embrace a team. I can also add that I am enthusiastic about taking up leadership positions.

The chance to work in your company is of tremendous importance to me. I would be elated to meet with you and discuss the professional contribution that I can make to your organization. I appreciate the chance to make this application and look forward to your response.


Don Draperrick
Los Angeles, LA 40301
Phone: 970-315-0078
Email: ddraperrick@yahoo.com

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