What Should a Cover Letter Look Like

One of the questions that come into the mind of any job applicant, especially those applying for the first time is what should a cover letter look like. Once you're sure what should be avoided and the best way to write it then how the cover letter looks like will not be an issue. The truth is that if you don't pay attention to crafting the document well chances of a face to face interview might never arise.

A good answer to what does a cover letter look like is that it's the best chance anyone has of giving the recruiter a reason to think about them ahead of anyone else. The following are tips and examples to help you write a proper cover letter any hiring manager will not think of tossing away.

what should a cover letter look like

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what does a cover letter look like what a cover letter should look like
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Mistakes to Avoid in a Cover Letter

To understand what does a cover letter look like, you might want to know what you need to avoid.

Quality Cover Letter Sample to Get the Nod of the Hiring Manager

Janice Michaels,
Minnowhill, CA 769044
(555) 222-12876

October 14, 2018

Ms. Beth Walnut
Events Planner
GVC Events
98743 Wedding Circle
Minnowhill, CA 769044

RE: Events Planning Manager

Dear Ms. Walnut:

I am writing to apply for the position of Events Planner Manager as advertised in eventsllc.com for GVC Events. In 10 years I have been able to handle over 500 events locally and hundreds of others regionally. I bring extensive skills and experience in event planning and driven work ethic apart from being well organized.

What you are seeking: What I am bringing:
Event planner with at least 8 years' experience Over 10 years of extensive practical experience handling senior event planning duties
Ability to manage huge weddings and diverse exotic parties Over 500 perfectly organized events, including hundreds of celebrity parties, family reunions, and corporate parties to political fundraisers, parties and dinners with thousands of attendees
Skilled budget controller. Experienced negotiator with deep vendor networks, including caterers, promoters and others for all kinds of budgets guaranteeing customer satisfaction without going off budget
Planner who work well under pressure Years of experience anticipating problems and solving them effectively and professionally without losing clients or composure

Do find my resume enclosed. I will give your office a call in three days to see whether we could meet in person and discuss your needs and the position. Thank you for your consideration, time and patience.


Janice Michaels,
(555) 222-12876

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