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The server interacts with your meal before you get to taste any morsel. They make sure that it is well presented in your dish. They also add any garnishing that tickles your palate. As such, this professional is a very important person in the culinary industry. This role can be achieved using a server cover letter. Here is more about how to accomplish it.

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A Server Cover Letter Example

Atallia Knight
California, CA 78018
Phone: 190-342-5670

October 22, 2018

Frank Steppers
Head Chef,
Talicious Restaurant.
78 Red Rock,
Texas, TX 45611

Re: Server Position

Dear Mr. Steppers,

I am quite honored to make this application for the Server Position in your restaurant. I have 5 years of experience in this industry. I have completed all the formal and practical instruction that is required so as to be a competent server. I have also added substantial training so as to improve my delivery capability as a server. By applying the required and complementary training, I have received honors such as Employee of the Year and Server Extraordinaire more than once in my career.

I have taken up a number of different roles and responsibilities in the culinary industry. Some examples of these are being a waitress, a chef's assistant, messenger, culinary guide and server as well. By taking up these positions, I have gained substantial amounts of knowledge over time. I have also got some valuable experience as well. As such, I have a universal understanding of the culinary industry.

In my work, I am always motivated. I work hard and maintain focus on ensuring cleanliness and quality whenever I am assembling meals and serving them. My interpersonal skills are polished. Therefore, I complement the serving process with calm, inviting words. I am a natural team player. As such, I can pursue collective goals and always take pride in achieving them.

An opportunity to work at Talicious Restaurant would be a great chance for me to learn from the best. I would humbly appreciate an invitation to an interview with you. In addition to an assessment session, the interview would be an opportunity for me to learn the deliverables of being a server in your restaurant. I appreciate the chance to write this application. I also hope to hear from you soon.


Atallia Knight
California, CA 78018
Phone: 190-342-5670

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Server Cover Letter

This part of the cover letter for server allows you to introduce yourself to the potential employer. You can indicate the specific position that you are applying for. Your experience and skills should also be included and take center stage in this paragraph. You can indicate how long you have worked in a particular industry. You can also express the most outstanding skills that you have. Any experience or professional recommendations that you have ever received can also be indicated in this part of the cover letter. Basically, you can use the first paragraph to put your best professional foot forward. It is your chance to grab the attention of the potential employer.

How to Write the Main Body of a Server Cover Letter

This part of the cover letter for server position gives you a chance to get deeper into your career and capability. You can indicate the various roles or positions that you have taken up so far. After doing so, you can explain the skills and knowledge that you learned in each one of them. If you have made any achievements in your career, you can proceed to explain them at length here. While doing this, you can indicate how they were made and whether they were collective or personal achievements.

As you write the main body of your cover letter server, you can express any special capabilities or talents which you have. It is always helpful if you can illustrate them with some examples of practical application. Essentially, the main body gives you a chance to create a robust case for yourself as you make the application.

How to End a Server Cover Letter

The conclusion of a restaurant server cover letter is an important section as well. Here, you can indicate enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for. State that being invited would be humbly appreciated. Furthermore, the interview would be much more than an assessment but would also be a chance to learn the expectations of the potential employer for the position at hand.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Server Cover Letter

It is very important to ensure that your cover letter for banquet server is perfectly formatted with the right content as well. This can be done by referring to a sample cover letter. Simply head to the Internet and download an appropriate sample cover letter and refer to it. This presents you as a professional and ensures that you are a top choice applicant!

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