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Many people around the world have received higher education on a scholarship basis. They were able to get their feet in the door of prestigious institutions by using a scholarship cover letter. This correspondence not only provides them with a chance to express themselves but also to deliver details about their capabilities and goals. It is an important, strategic and highly helpful document. Here is more about the scholarship cover letter.

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A Scholarship Cover Letter Example

Jill Markham
Georgia, GA 90021
Phone: 902-675-9001

October 22, 2018

Terence Spinelli
University of Georgia.
213 Honeywalk Lane,
Georgia, GA 90021

Re: Scholarship letter

Dear Mr. Spinelli,

I am honored to make this scholarship application to the prestigious University of Georgia. I am applying for a Masters program in International Relations (IR). I have already completed my undergraduate studies in the University of Atlanta in the same discipline. After completion, I performed some work in the embassy of the United Kingdom for a period of 2 years. During my time there, I was able to put to practice all the skills and knowledge which I accumulated in my undergraduate studies. I was also able to get a first hand view of the activities that are performed in a real life consulate. With this knowledge, I am confident that I will be able to excel in the programs and studies provided in the Masters program.

I have participated in a variety of relevant activities and conferences that are relevant to the field of International Relations (IR). I have been a participant in many different simulations. During these sessions, I have represented my country effectively. I have also served as a volunteer in the UNICEF organization. With them, I traveled to many African countries providing humanitarian support. In addition to that, I was the founder and leader of a special group of students who engaged in constructive discussions with political leaders from various parts of the world.

I am a hard working, diligent and studious individual. I take the time to assess situations before making any entry or exit in them. I also have a talent for creating rapid solutions to perennial problems. Furthermore, my interpersonal skills are polished. Therefore, I can interact with anyone and create a constructive discussion. I am a team player and always look forward to achieving collective goals.

An opportunity to study at the University of Georgia would be a great opportunity to learn more about the subject of my passion. I would be humbled to receive an invitation to interview. I appreciate the chance to make this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jill Markham
Georgia, GA 90021
Phone: 902-675-9001

Tips for Writing a Scholarship Cover Letter

Elements to include in the scholarship cover letter:

You need to explain why you are a good fit for the scholarship

Within the cover letter for scholarship, explain your strengths in full. In addition to that, you need to include data about your main academic and professional strengths. You need to explain your plans for career growth. This cover letter also needs to have information about why you would be suitable for this scholarship. In addition to that, you need to indicate the benefits that you would experience if you’re chosen. You can explain all these elements using specific examples.

Use formal language

The scholarship cover letter needs to be completed in formal language. Its flow should be clear, concise and structured. It should not have any grammatical or semantic errors. As such, it is always beneficial if you can make use of a sample to guide the structure and content of your scholarship cover letter. After writing it, you can share the letter with a trusted individual and request their objective opinion.

Ensure that it stays in context

It is very important to structure your scholarship cover letter to fit the specific program that you intend to go and study. You can do so by using language that references this particular program. You can also use a structure that is appropriate for it. This can be derived from a scholarship cover letter sample. There are many scholarship cover letter examples on the Internet which can provide guidance for the structure and content of this letter. Maintaining the context according to the program that you are pursuing is very important to do in a scholarship cover letter.

Elements to avoid in the scholarship cover letter:

Making errors

It is important to go through your cover letter scholarship so as to make sure that it does not have any grammatical or semantic errors. This is an important step to take in the process of making the application. Make sure that the names of the program and institution are correctly indicated. This shows attention to detail and increases your chances of getting enrolled.

Being bland

Your cover letter for a scholarship needs to be attractive and grab the attention of the reader. You need to use attractive language and make sure that you pass on the message that you’re interested in a particular course. Furthermore, your descriptions of the achievements that you have made so far need to be captivating. Avoid long, repetitive statements lacking in character. Also, don’t forget to use vivid examples.

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