How to Mention Salary Requirements in Cover Letter

While not every job opening requires you indicate your remuneration expectations, some actually do. Writing salary requirements in cover letter is never easy and knowing how you can do it, where to even begin and all the different things you need to have in mind is most critical. The following are a number of things you need to know and how to draft cover letter with salary requirements.

salary requirements in cover letter

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Is It Necessary to Mention Salary Requirements

It's very hard to even contrive how to add salary requirements in cover letter. However, a good number of job postings will request that you include the amount of money you would like to receive as remuneration. You might also be requested to detail salary history, especially recent history as you apply for the job. No one is ever comfortable with this.

When you're asked to include salary history or expected remuneration you definitely have no choice but do it. However, the rule of the thumb is to avoid including salary information on the resume. The prospective employer might ask you to do it, but unless it's indicated clearly that failure to include the salary history or requirements will lead to omission of your application you should not include remuneration details.

Inclusion of salary requirements in your cover letter could convey to the hiring manager and employer by extension a false impression about you. It can also restrict the employer who might ignore your resume for others. You could also indicate a lower salary than the position requires and the potential boss might think you lack experience or cheap. They mightn't also like the indicated salary expectation.

When to Include Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter with Example

When it comes to how to include salary requirements in cover letter it's never easy to do it. If it's not a requirement in the job listing, avoid offering any salary details whatsoever. It's better if the potential employer came up with compensation information themselves and not from you.

If the job listing indicates that applicants must include remuneration history in the cover letter or resume, ignoring the clear request is one way of approaching it. However, it might also jeopardize your chances of landing an interview. No employer is happy when their clear directions are ignored. Evidently, following every instruction is best for you. Other applicants will definitely do it and being the odd one out creates a bad impression about you. Only include salary requirements in the cover letter if the employer has expressly instructed that all applications for the position need to have requested salary information.

You definitely don't want to miss an opportunity to land the position or jeopardize your chances for a future interview. The most important thing is to always stick to employer instructions and provide whatever's required. Even so, you might want to carry out a bit of research on the company, their salary ranges, what their employees generally take home to know what you need to include as salary requirement.

How to Mention Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter

One of the best ways of mentioning salary requirements in cover letter is going with salary range. Avoid going with specific amount of remuneration to open up window for negotiation. Salary range gives you lots of room for flexibility. It ensures you don't confine yourself to a lower salary or being denied the job even with great qualifications for raising the bar too high.

Cover letter with salary requirements as indicated should go with salary range; but not any range that comes to mind. Carry out some salary research on the position, company and what similar individuals in the same position earn from other companies in the same geography.

On the cover letter you could indicate a range such as "on expected salary, my requirement is within the $45,000 to $55,000 range". A most critical point to remember is that the salary range you come up with must be as realistic as possible. You can make it realistic as possible by:

How to Mention Salary History in a Cover Letter

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