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In every company, one of the most valuable roles is that of the receptionist. This professional acts as the face of the enterprise to any new clients or stakeholders. For you to get this coveted position, it is necessary to make a good quality application. This involves writing a cover letter for receptionist and submitting your resume as well. Here is how to write the letter in a correct way.

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Sample Cover Letter for Receptionist

Selina James
South Carolina, SC 60078
Phone: 897-687-9001

October 13, 2018

Mr. Moses Dacascos
Hiring Manager
Rolling Hills Country Hotel,
South Carolina, SC 60078

Re: Receptionist Position

Dear Mr. Dacascos,

I am quite honored to make this application to your hotel for the Receptionist Position. I have amassed experience over a period of 5 years in the hotel industry. During this time, I have polished my skills and gained substantial knowledge about the role of a receptionist in the firm. I have consistently applied these skills and achieved numerous goals in my field of operation. For example, I have been awarded the accolade of Employee of the Month many times by my previous employers. Hence, I take pride in this job and perform it to my best.

During my career, I have been a receptionist at many companies and organizations. However, my skills do not end there. I have also performed other roles of accountant, Information Technology (IT) assistant, messenger, office assistant and also a chef. In each one of these roles, I took the time to learn new things and immerse myself in the job. This has given me a deeper understanding of various industries. As a result, I am highly skilled and well rounded.

Over the course of my career, I have learned many new skills and discovered numerous personal talents as well. I have learned how to be fastidious when performing my job. I have also learned how to pay attention to detail and organize my resources more efficiently. This leads to better performance at the job site. I have found that I'm empathetic in nature and have a genuine will to assist the clients who walk into a facility in search of goods or services. I am also quite comfortable working in teams.

The opportunity to work at the Rolling Hills Country Hotel is a great chance for me to learn about the hospitality industry while providing you with professional receptionist skills. I would be grateful to receive an invitation for interview. During this meeting, I would be glad to express more about my enthusiasm for the job and also hear your expectations for the receptionist. Kindly do get in touch with me through my phone number or email. Thank you for the opportunity to apply. I hope to hear from you soon.


Selina James
South Carolina, SC 60078
Phone: 897-687-9001

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Cover Letter for Receptionist

The opening paragraph of a cover letter receptionist is of top importance. When writing it, make sure that you introduce yourself effectively to the potential employer. Ensure that you explain the specific position that you are seeking. In addition to that, indicate the length of experience that you possess. Give hints of your own special skills and capabilities. This will intrigue your potential employer and make them want to know more about you. If you have ever achieved any accolades or goals, you can express them in this paragraph. Doing so creates a positive first impression of you for the potential employer.

How to Write the Main Body of a Cover Letter for Receptionist

This is the meat and potatoes of your cover letter. Here, you can enter details about your skills. Indicate them and how you attained these skills. Go ahead to express any official roles that you have participated in. Doing so grants you the chance to share your professional background. In addition to that, it shows the potential employer that you are well versed in other professions other than the one you are applying for.

Use the main body to express more of your experience. If possible, highlight a number of scenarios where you utilized your skills and knowledge to bring about a positive outcome for your employer or client. This will shed a positive light upon you in the employer's perspective. In addition to that, you can use the main body of your cover letter to express the responsibilities which you perceive are required in the job at hand. Not only will this show a dedication to the role, it will also show that you understand its requirements.

How to End a Cover Letter for Receptionist

The ending of a Receptionist cover letter is an important part of the letter. Indicate a plea for an interview session with the potential employer. Ensure that you use courteous language in this process. While doing so, express your expectations of such a meeting. This will show your skill of inference and also indicate to the employer that you are aware of the responsibilities of the role. Encourage the potential employer to get in touch with you and sign off in a professional way.

Other Writing Tips to Make a Cover Letter for Receptionist

While writing a Receptionist cover letter, you should make sure that its format is accurate and correct. This can be done by referring to cover letter examples for receptionist. There are literally thousands of these on the Internet. Therefore, you can download one for free and refer to it as you write the letter. Using receptionist cover letter examples for guidance will increase your chances of success in the endeavor.

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