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Many people today perform investments in the real estate sector. Here, they can make long lasting sources of passive income. This field contains professionals that are known as real estate agents. They help to facilitate purchases or sales of real estate assets. These agents have a firm grasp of the industry and can give valuable advice as well as handle real estate processes. To pick up this profession, you need to make an application through the real estate cover letter.

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A Real Estate Cover Letter Example

Sharon Salise
Ohio, OH 45129
Phone: 876-109-4530

October 26, 2018

Terry Shelmith
Hiring Manager,
Golden Foundation Real Estate Ltd.
61 Bronze Avenue,
Ohio, OH 56129

Re: Real Estate Agent position

Dear Ms. Shelmith,

It is my honor to present you with this application for the Real Estate Agent position in your company. I have 8 years of experience in the field of real estate. For 4 years out of these, I have been an agent. I have a firm understanding of the real estate industry. In addition to all the skills and knowledge that is required for the real estate industry, I have also invested in some disciplines such as business management, statistics and Information Technology (IT). By implement these skills, I have earned accolades such as Agent of the Year and Employee of the Month.

I have played a wide range of roles during my career. They include being a messenger, receptionist, secretary, information technologist, real estate promoter and agent. By taking part in these roles, I have gained a wide range of experiences and developed a strong knowledge base. Thanks to this, I feel confident that I can be a strong fit for the position that's on offer.

I am a hard working individual. I am talented in spotting valuable parcels of land and structural assets too. I have also developed skills in the valuation of real estate assets. I understand the legal and business processes that surround real estate and have a skill of negotiating profitable transactions. I am a team player and enjoy pursuing collective goals.

An opportunity to work at the Golden Foundation Real Estate Ltd would be a great chance to learn new strategies of dealing with real estate transaction. I would be humbled to get an invitation to interview. I appreciate the chance to make this application and look forward to hearing from you.

Sharon Salise
Ohio, OH 45129
Phone: 876-109-4530

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Real Estate Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of a real estate cma cover letter serves an introductory purpose. Here, you can specify the position that you are applying for. This paragraph is also ideal for giving an overview of your experience. This is normally expressed as the length of time that you have worked in a particular role or industry. You can also give a general description of your skills. Here, you can indicate the most competitive ones in your professional profile. If you have made any accomplishments or received accolades in your career, you can indicate them in this paragraph. Overall, the objective is to present your best foot forward.

How to Write the Main Body of a Real Estate Cover Letter

The main body provides you with a chance to explain your professional profile in detail. You can express the extent of your experience. This is where you can indicate the roles that you have taken up during your career. While doing so, you can explain the skills and competencies which you learned in each one. Furthermore, you can indicate how you would use your skills in the position that you are applying to.

If you have made some achievements, the main body is an ideal spot to explain them. You can describe the process of achieving them and the reward that you received. This helps to strengthen your cover letter and increases your chances of getting employed.

How to End a Real Estate Cover Letter

As you edit the real estate cover letter sample, indicate enthusiasm for the position that you are applying to. You can also indicate that you look forward to receiving an invitation for interview. In closing, appreciate the chance to make the application.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Real Estate Cover Letter

It is very important for your cover letter to have the correct format. This is so as to ensure that it presents your professional profile correctly. You can ensure this by using a sample cover letter real estate as you write your own. Download a real estate sample cover letter from the Internet and use it. Referring to real estate cover letter examples will increase your chances of getting employed!

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